20 Days

Lest we forget, historic ELEC fines for His and Hers (alleged) ELEC-law breakers loom...  and in case you think it's only GA, Da Horsey and a few dozen SLAPP Defendants paying attention, hark!

Since GA uploaded (and embedded) the (2) ELEC Complaints two weeks ago and Mason's 2009 Team for One Hoboken 20 Day Post-Election report one week ago, take a look at how many have read them:

My goodness, that's a lot of eyeballs on those embeds- assuming everyone has two. 

GA can tell you there is a lot of interest in the story of potentially-historic ELEC fines being levied on Hoboken Councilwoman Beth Mason and her Campaign Treasurer husband, Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz Partner Ricky Mason.  In spite of the Mason Reporter's best effort to bury this scandal, it will not go away.

Here is why.

There are (at least) two scenarios: (1) ELEC caves to the pressure of Mason's formidable legal team and slaps her wrist or (2) ELEC whacks her with a two-by-four.

In either case, observers and critics will ruminate on the outcome.  If the Masons skate, ELEC will forever be tarred as toothless, gutless and diving under the wheels of her Brinks truck.  If ELEC 'throws the book' at them, ELEC will demonstrate integrity and purpose, incentivizing campaigns across the state to obey election law.

Which will it be?   

GA's a cynic.  I'd love to be wrong.

We'll know soon because the Complaints were filed on February 26, 2014. Respondents have 20 days after service of the Complaint to respond with a written answer or else...

GA doesn't know when Respondents were served, but probably not long after the Complaints were filed.  Which means, the written responses are due anytime.

Will ELEC post them? 

Sometime after the filing of written responses a hearing will be scheduled to "present evidence and argument on all relevant issues."

I wonder if the Brendels are available to film that?


  1. wonder what wachtell thinks of this. Its only the tip of the iceberg. do they know political operative Jimmy Barracato is on the board of Masons tax exempt civic league and some say he gets paid $150 off the books. Dont know if its true. i hear Beth and Ricky Mason been to Jimmys dive bar Ed & Joes in Weehawken. Ask Jamie Cryan. hes seen them there. yeah Beth and Ricky like that dump.

  2. Nothing will come of this. Unfortunately.


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