Victory in Bayonne

Congratulations, Mayor Mark Smith of Bayonne on winning your May 13, 2014 election!

GA just heard the good news.  I know, it's only February.

But sources tell me that your opponent is thisclose to hiring the team that tanked Tim Occhipnti's mayoral campaign in Hoboken and penned the notorious "Peyton Manning Letter".

Perhaps Jim Davis wants his name in the Washington Times, too?  

Coincidentally, the  very same Peyton Manning will be watched by a billion pairs of eyes around the world in tonight's Super Bowl. Go, Peyton!

Here is what Team Mole representing the Occhipinti Campaign sent to Peyton Manning after his brother Eli, a Hoboken resident, appeared at a Dawn Zimmer fundraiser during a Giants losing-streak:
 We are not sure whether it’s the 14 sacks he has endured that made his off the field political decision-making questionable –or if the 9 interceptions and 2 fumbles this year show that he is making questionable decisions on and off the field.What we do know is that concentrating on football alone could help our team get back on track. 

As the wiser, more productive, older brother, please talk to Eli. Please remind baby brother that four more years of no parking, flooding issues, bloated administration salaries and budgetary mismanagement are not what Hoboken needs...  Let him know that 0-4 quarterback’s get involved in politics. Winning quarterbacks stick with what is happening on the field.
And your opponent wants to HIRE the team that wrote this and made national headlines!  Mayor Smith, you've got this election in the bag.

I'll tell you why.  Here's a little Hoboken history.

The architect of 2013's "Peyton Letter" orchestrated 2012's "Nazi Truck" in Hoboken: the first time in Hoboken history that swastikas were used in a political campaign!  To boot, it was a School Board election.  

 The "Nazi Truck"-- photo credit: The Hoboken Reporter
Does Bayonne have a large Jewish community?  

Hoboken's Jewish community was very upset about the truck, which flashed swastikas and sound as it rode up and down Hoboken's main street.  Worse, it parked outside of a children's school, Wallace Primary, on the night of October 16, 2012 flashing swastikas on 5 huge screens and blaring an offensive soundtrack in a quiet residential neighborhood. What would Bayonne's Jewish community think that?

Many credit the "Nazi truck" with losing the election for the 'Move Forward' BoE slate. Maybe it did.

Listen, GA doesn't have a dog in this fight.  I like Bayonne;  Broadway shops, great restaurants. The Kashmir Grill is superb, worth the trip.

It is simply fascinating to watch the Second Act of the Tim Occhipinti campaign playing out in Bayonne.

From what I hear, the Davis campaign is being plied with nonsense, all to hire her mole.

One more time: Councilwoman Mason is not angry at Mayor Smith, does not blame him for Jersey City Mayor Healy's loss. Further, if the Davis people are being told that Mason gave Smith money for Healy, GA checked 2013 ELEC reports for Mark Smith and for the Bayonne City Regular Democratic Organization and found no record of Mason making any contribution to either. 

Well, whatever. Some folks cannot resist big bags of money waved under their noses.

Congratulations on your victory, Mayor Smith.


  1. The irony is delicious. James Barracato has done nothing but f*ck up every campaign he's been associated with. Someone finally got a very bright idea: let's pay the idiot to f*ck up campaigns - for our enemies. At last, something you're good at, James.

  2. What about Zanowic? I think you guys are counting him out.


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