Holy Subpoena! Bluewater Gets One

Mason's 2011 municipal race: Bluewater awash in street money

Kudos to MSV for this breaking news: Bluewater Operations, LLC has been subpoenaed in the ongoing Hudson County Superior Court case investigating Vote by Mail 'inconsistencies' in last November's election.

MSV reports that Bluewater received $20K from Frank Raia's "Let the People Decide" committee in his challenge to overturn Hoboken rent control law.  The larger issue appears to be how Bluewater used the money to harvest votes from the HHA,  many of which are being contested in the current court battle.

And did you know a certain Horse testified a day and a half last week?

Bluewater LLC has worked on Beth Mason's campaigns, notably in 2011 received a disbursement of $52,000 to "promote the candidate." 

It is no secret that Mason pumps vast sums of money into local elections- like the (at least) $52K she gave to Jersey City Mayor Jeremiah Healy last year- but she's a geyser of loot at the state and federal level.

Take a look.  Since 2012 she's made contributions as an 'employee' of Newton Lao Leonard and Locke, LLC (NLLL).

Strangely, her resume lists her 'work' as Founder/President of NLLL ended in 2005:

Meanwhile, NLLL was not a registered LLC with the State of NJ Department of  Treasury until 2010:


Mason founded the company in 1993, worked for 8 years as a business consultant then stopped. Five years later, she registered it as an LLC. 

So what is Newton Lao Leonard and Locke, LLC? 

It is Mason's "current occupation" so does she draw a salary?  Who else does NLLL employ?  Are they fulltime?  Part-time?  Consultants?

What are they paid?  Are they paid with cash, or friendship

Curious, isn't it.


  1. Did I hear correctly that da Horsey was allowed to invoke the Shield Law by the judge, in recognition of his status as a journalist, and not name his sources? About time that you and da Horsey are recognized for your tireless work on behalf of the residents of Hoboken, Great stuff. Keep it up.

    1. That's how I heard it. It was a bad day for the enemies of free speech.

      Viva la Horse and GA!

    2. Looks like the judge respects Horsey's tireless journalism.
      You and GA are a hard hitting one-two punch.

      Here you are both doing it again!

  2. The enemies of free speech have already demonstrated their willingness to use bogus lawsuits, police intimidation, nazi trucks and midnight fliers to silence dissent. You should both DEFINITELY be covered under shield.

  3. Beth employs mole boy at $150/k. Maybe she pays him and her other ops thru NLLL. You never know.

  4. Careful, GA. I just did a websearch for NLLL and found a site with a pic of Beth--momentarily. Then the window closed and my antivirus program made unhappy noises.

  5. I wonder what Newton Lao files w/the IRS?

    Does Mason take Social Security and payroll taxes from the $150K?

  6. if i were an unemployed media guy, a news radio anchor for example who wanted to hide that i was working in politics Id get my paychecks laundered through the llc. that's what id do.

  7. You should also note that Horsey now wants to change his sworn testimony in court after wrongly identifying someone he allegedly spoke to while "investigating" vote by mail! How can anyone trust anything he "reports". He is nothing but a shill for his political bosses.

    1. were did you read this?

  8. Excuse me. The case is not an investigation into the vbm fraud. The case is about the residents of Hoboken voting for the second year in a row to maintain RENT CONTROL. There! I said it. That is what the case is about. The shoestring tenant organization Hoboken Fair Housing Association fought and won a fair and square victory on good old fashioned door-knocking and shoe leather and would like to open the case up to fraud. It is extremely difficult because as usual this little group of tenant activists, who have never received one mention on this blog, are taking on the big boys without a dime to their names and a pro-bono lawyer who a lot is being asked of.

    Why don't you write about that Nancy? You've never mentioned a damn word about the honest fight this group has waged about rent control and the fight to keep Hoboken economically diverse. You've published quite a few about Jessica Coco tho. It is sad what Carmelo and his thugs are doing to her. I bet she is regretting putting up (or trying to get HFHA to put up) those fake NAACP flyers.

    Also, for all of you who would like to see this case turn into an investigation into Raia, Bluewater, Mason and the filthy truth of the vbm fraud: you can send your donations to:

    POB 5176
    Hoboken NJ 07030

    Put your money where your big mouths and egos are.

    1. Dear Anon at 8:08 pm.

      Here's a tip: you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. GA does SO MUCH for so many in Hoboken, and you have the nerve to complain because there's another group she hasn't written about? Really?

      Your cause is good, too bad you represent it this way.

    2. I suspect Anon has no connection to HFHA, and seeks only to irritate and divide. A true spokesperson for that organization would certainly not write such a screed, and a legitimate supporter would likely not, either. Besides, we've seen this writing style before. If I'm wrong, Anon is surely doing HFHA a disservice.

  9. Anon from HFHA,

    By all means, if you would like to see an issue covered on this blog, I accept submissions. You are welcome to do so.

    That said, screw you "Anon", and how dare you tell me what to write on my blog-- and make assumptions that you have no right to make. I was on the Zoning Board for 4 years, remember? And did not cover development/housing/landlord/tenant issues.

    For daring to oppose and expose some of the scumbaggery in this town I have been attacked, for years. Did your organization ever stick up for my First Amendment rights when I (and Horsey) were being attacked? Did your organization send a dime to our legal fund? *crickets*

    No HFHA, unlike you, I have no "organization" not even a "shoestring organization".

    And yeah, I'm taking on the "big boys" in a SLAPP suit- 1 1/2 years so far.

    It's because of this blog, so pass me a frickin' violin. I wish I had a pro bono lawyer- I am defending myself pro se. Why don' t you try it? In spite of it all, I have not whined like a bitch because no one-- including the HFHA --"mentions" what is happening to 24 activist-bloggers in Hoboken for expressing their First Amendment and right to free political speech.

    No need to slam Jessica Coco. I can see why you didn't have the balls to sign your name.

  10. I do have the balls to come back at you though. But what's the point? You just take down the comments that are not reverential.

    No organization? You have a high profile blog read by thousands. That's your organization.

    And, I repeat, get off the cross.

    1. It doesn't take balls to hide behind a screen name.

      I have a policy, guests are welcome into my home but not to pee on the furniture. And you are a rude, nasty bitch splashing your piss everywhere. I get it, you've made your point.

      The remark "get off the cross" says it all. If you have balls contact me offline: grafixavenger666@gmail.com

    2. Anon HFHA, you might possibly be the least effective representative for an cause that I've encountered in ages. I'm wondering if there's a worse way garner support than what you've done here. Do you "colleagues" know what you're doing?? Do them (and the rest of us who support rent control) a favor and move away from the keyboard, you are losing support by the minute.


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