Hangin' on the Mole

Holy MOLEy!   Hudson County's best political news blog, Hangin-on-the-Vine has picked up GA's report of an (aborted) dirty trick in Bayonne's mayoral election.

Yes, indeed. A quick recap, in rhyme:

Yep, Davis' folks paid attention to the shenanigans that went on in Hoboken's mayoral race.  That is, the invasion and ruination of Tim Occhipinti's campaign by:

Moles are small cylindrical mammals adapted to a subterranean lifestyle. They have velvety fur; tiny or invisible ears and eyes... some wear glasses.

Well, the mole Mason tried to sell Davis was told to 'take a hike'.  This turned off both her cash spigot and her sabotage plot for the incumbent, Mark Smith.    But Vine notes the strength of Smith, and that Davis has "problems" with "close associates".  One of them he notes is  "PR consultant Jack Butchko, who has never won a major election at this level that anyone can recall."

Jack Butchko!  Butchko worked for Tom Greaney's 2011 City Council campaign. And, guess what?  Butchko worked on Tim Occhipinti's ill-fated, mole-infested, Peyton-Manning-letter-writing campaign!  You know, the campaign wrecked by the very same mole being shopped to Davis!

To be clear, Butchko was NOT a mole.  But GA was surprised to find his name on Occhipinti's ELEC, like finding an autograph on the Hindenburg.

More surprising was finding a $7,910.00 disbursement to Bluewater Operations for "Field operation".

Did the Occhipinti campaign have a field operation?  Sources reported numerous unopened boxes of campaign lit and dog biscuits put out on the curb for the sanitation truck, after the election.    (Why not donate them to the Liberty Humane Society?  The biscuits, not the lit.)

Tim Occhipinti's 2013 'One Hoboken' Campaign ELEC report

As MSV reported, Bluewater was subpoenaed in the Hudson County Superior Court case investigating Vote by Mail 'inconsistencies' in last November's election.     They had received $20K from Frank Raia's "Let the People Decide" committee in his challenge to overturn Hoboken rent control law. Perhaps the $7,910.00 disbursement from the Occhipinti campaign in the November election and what that money was used for will be raised in court.

Well, to GA it looks like the same Hudson County fish swimming from pool to pool to pool, with the occasional mole wearing flippers. 

Oh, no!


  1. There once was a pol named Mason
    The Davis campaign she was chasin'
    She offered a mole
    In exchange for the dole
    But they told her to GET BACK IN HER HOLE

  2. As a law enforcement officer, James Davis is wise to distance himself from the corrosive effects of Richard G. Mason's money, as used by his wife.

    Just today, Beth Mason broke US Postal regulations by distributing a political flyer directly into uptown residents mailboxes announcing a kaffeeklatsch at the recently re-opened Schnackenberg's on Wednesday morning.

    I sure hope the homeless population realize they can go for the free coffee and donuts. They'll need to sanitize their hands thoroughly after shaking hers. If she intends to make that one of her hangouts, it will have a chilling effect on business from the 2nd warders who despise her.

    But what's a little thing like breaking a federal law. Add it to the list.

  3. O fer chriss sakes, Eugene will never let shelter residents in the new squeaky clean Schnackenberg's. But he lets Mason take it over.


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