Earwitness:Those Meanies in Trenton

Oh my goodness, today's Earwitness heard an ear-full...

Not only that, word sure travels doesn't it?  From ear-to-ear-to-ear.

GA just read MSV's Grist, and boy, word is spreading like a brush-fire or in this case, a raging bacterial ear-infection. (Yeah, you try and make ear-jokes).

Well, it seems that our 33rd District Assemblyman is not getting a warm reception in Trenton.  At least according to today's Earwitness.  In fact, he is so unhappy, that  he is considering... litigation. 

Oh, d-EAR.

Why must so many Hoboken politicos fill our Courts with their garbage?  Alleged garbage, that is.  If in fact this litigation does get filed.

According to my Earwitness :
The Assemblyman called (redacted) for advice.  Says everyone is out to get him.  He's being harassed.  His nickname in Trenton is "The Wire" He can't go to his office without finding a post-It note that says "Here comes The Wire."  Politicians walk away from  him. That's why he contacted (redacted). He respects (redacted)'s advice and guidance, he's like a member of (redacted's) family.  So he told (redacted) how he's  being harassed  by Trenton lawmakers, and wanted advice about suing for bullying and racism.
"Bullying and racism"?
This could get very interesting.


  1. Yes...I'm sure this bullying is all because he's not caucasion, and has nothing to do with the fact that the man lacks a shred of moral fiber as a human being. If this is indeed true, and worse yet, if he sues, this will call attention to him and Stack. Further, the national news networks would be interested in seeing more out of Hoboken, I'm sure...

  2. Latino or Hispanic is an ethnicity, not a race.

    So are we to assume that he's being harassed by non-white colleagues in Trenton? Or is he just too stupid to know the difference between ethnic discrimination and the more likely probability that his fellow assemblymen prefer to work with those who are intelligent, ethical and moral?

  3. Hahahahahahaha. What a joke. Yeah, go on and sue 'em, Mr. Carmelo. That's a great way to make amends and get them on your side.

  4. Perhaps CG's colleagues just don't think wearing a wire is proper etiquette and don't agree there's an exception for Mayor Zimmer's family, especially when one of the people taped was a former colleague who was trying to do CG a favor.

    I don't think being a dirtbag is a legally protected class, but in NJ anything is possible. If CG could sue the mayor and her husband for ethnic cleansing then why can't he sue his assembly colleagues for discriminating against him for being a dirtbag?

  5. Here comes the wire.
    Seems his coworkers have no desire
    to get into a convesation with Stack's
    new hire.
    Lest they to get mired in litigation by a hack and his lawyer.

  6. The only one who's surprised by any of this is Carmelo. A leper would get a better reception in Trenton.

  7. Will Carmelo ever learn he's WHITE???

  8. guessing "redacted" is not Bernie Kenny?

  9. Carmelo had lunch with Stan
    Wore a wire into the can
    Took a dump on tape
    Blamed it on Jake
    Taped Bernie Kenny
    What a mistake

  10. That's the really uniquely strange thing about Hoboken. I bet he really is surprised that no one trusts him. Only a true teat-addicted Hobokenite would ever do what he did to Bernie Kenny, former president of the state senate no less, and anticipate no consequences. This is the city where you show up with 575 paid workers on your ELEC for your 1240 vote campaign and you cop an attitude when people question you about it.

    It's not just the incessant criminal behavior in Hoboken - it's the completely bizarre expectation of always getting away with it.

  11. I do hope he sues the assembly and congress men and women. I would love to see their responses and payback.

    How many absences do you think he will accumulate in the assembly?

  12. "It's funny, in a human kind of way, how we can convince ourselves that we,re in control at the very moment we are beginng to lose it"

    William C. Moyers

  13. I don't believe Carmelo has the courage to file such a suit against Trenton. I believe it when I see it. He's a coward!!! That's why he picks on women like Mayor Zimmer & Ms. Coco. He's not going to press any lawsuit against any men. The only thing he'll be trying to press on the men of Trenton is himself. Who knows maybe that's how he really got the position he did with Stack.

    1. picks on women is RIGHT. barb that lady with the stitches in her butt. put her in the hospital emergency room. this is what we put up with.

  14. Ask why the Generators are not installed in the HHA? I guess he needed the wires. Taxpayer dollars at work!

  15. Can you be sued for ethnic cleansing for removing blood-sucking parasites?


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