Back on the Air

Or maybe she never left?  

Remember that Cable Access show hosted by Councilwoman Beth Mason that popped up during election season, called "Hoboken Today" featuring-- you guessed it: Frank Raia and Tim Occhipinti on consecutive programs.

Did you know she also booked Ruben Ramos and Dawn Zimmer?   Only when they showed up at the studio, the doors were locked. 

Some of you thought the show was a slick excuse for a 30-minute campaign infomercial.  Not GA.  "Hoboken Today" was good old-fashioned entertainment with celebrity guests who can't sing, can't dance and can't act.  

"...It got mismanaged, we spent lavish trips...a myramid of different places"
-Tim Occhipinti on "Hoboken Today"

In fact, "Hoboken Today" provided a myramid of opportunities for guests like Tim Occhipinti.  After appearing on Mason's program, he lost the $160,000 Myramid Game Show , the election and $160,000 (at least) of Frank's money.

Ah, well. 

And then, after Occhipinti and Raia got shellacked in November, the studio lights went dark.

Well, what do you know?  They're back on again! This promo popped yesterday on's Hoboken Forum:

Darn, I missed it. 

Well, skeptics out there are wondering what's she up to now?

 GA knows it's all about the shoes.


  1. You might have missed one but who's counting? Bored, rich lady's hobby or...

  2. I wonder if Liz and Dick have found a way to write this self promoting political propaganda off on their taxes ?

  3. It is a numbers game. A shill. Lipstick on a pig if you will.

    Those who know Beth Mason's name in Hoboken overwhelmingly dislike her and what she stands for politically will never vote for her for any office. Running Occhipinti in the last election lost her even more votes from those who wanted Ramos a mayor.

    The little public access show show puts her name out to people outside of Hoboken with the hope that if she can make a deal with someone in the Democratic Party to throw her a bone.

    Beth Mason is spending a great deal of money to get a little name recognition outside of Hoboken so she can get appointed to some job before the people of the Second Ward vote her out of office.


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