The Inaugural and Prayers for Toshiba

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Hi there folks, GA's not dead!

But I'm not sure about my laptop which crapped-out Thursday night... tomorrow I'll know whether to host a funeral or a welcome-home. The technician reported it was "filthy" inside, that the fan was "stuck" in gunk. And the likely perp is:

No catnip for you
Cute, huh?

If my laptop comes back tomorrow I'll share pics from yesterday's inaugural cause this gizmo I'm on (Little Avenger's) has no memory card slot.  Booo.

So, thoughts on yesterday's inaugural...  it was truly a revelation how the mayor's stature has risen these past 4 years.

Recall Zimmer's first inaugural was held at Hoboken High School, and her after-party was in Church Square Park.  The 'star' of that fete appeared to be Buddy Valastro, TLC's Cake Boss, who was mobbed by fans. Yes, U.S. Senator Menendez made an appearance, but it felt perfunctory; he was in and out so fast.

What a difference these four years have made.

Zimmer's second inauguration was held in the DeBaun Auditorium at Stevens, attended by a full press court, police everywhere, and so many luminaries onstage the place was ablaze with political star-power.

There were 2 U.S. Senators, New Jersey's  Robert Menendez and Cory Booker,  U.S. 9th Congressional District Rep. Bill Pascrell,  NJ's next-Governor Steve Fulop (currently mayor of Jersey City),  Speaker-Elect of the NJ Assembly and HCDO President, Vinnie Prieto, Hudson County Executive Tom DeGuise and former NJ Governor James Florio.

Wow!  And all of them were there for our mayor, Dawn Zimmer.  Isn't that something?

Timmy's inaugural would have been held at Bright Horizons with keynote speaker Polka Dot the Clown.

There were lots of speeches; Cory Booker agreed that "snow sucks" and our next-Governor, Steve Fulop, said that Hoboken might be the "second" best city in Hudson County.

GA's favorite was Vinnie Prieto's.  The least-polished of the bunch- Prieto's remarks were punctuated by "ummms"- he spoke as eye-witness to Zimmer's  performance at meetings, on calls, and interactions with her.  Prieto called Zimmer a "trailblazer", said she's "always putting Hoboken first", is a "tremendous advocate for Hoboken" and told us "you made the right choice."  What Prieto expressed seemed to a cynical gal like me, genuine admiration.  GA hears our mayor is admired outside of Hoboken.

All the way to Washington D.C., so it seems.

And folks, when this many state and federal luminaries scramble to be onstage with the mayor of a mile-square city, that translates into INFLUENCE at the state and federal level for Hoboken.  Even Zimmer-haters have to agree her 'draw' can only help our city.

Dark-Siders, hold your noses and hope for Zimmer's success, which means Hoboken's success.

So, what did Zimmer say?

Well, she (still) doesn't sound like a politician- to me, and her forte is governing not public speaking.  Notably, Zimmer called for an "end to divisiveness" and "Old Guard/New Guard" rhetoric.

Okay with me.  I'm going with Dark Side rhetoric.

After the ceremony as folks crowded the DeBaun lobby, in swept Senator Bob MenendezGA thought it would be funny to greet him like an old friend, so approached him with a big grin and said, "Hi Bob! We missed you!"   Man, Menendez is good.  Without missing a beat, the Senator smiled reflexively at me like an old pal and explained why he was late (at some other ceremony).

After more schmoozing, the event moved to the Babbio Center for Buddy Valastro's cheesecake and yet more schmooze.  GA and pal Jessica Coco decided to walk over.

The huge modern lobby with it's magnificent glass-front panorama of Manhattan and high ceilings was crowded. Moments after GA and Jessica arrived, Buddy Valastro passed a few feet from us with no fanfare.  Again, what a difference four years makes.

GA decided to chat up some of the elected officials, political candidates and politicos who occasionally appear on this blog and are affectionately referred to as "Dark Siders".   Ruben Ramos, was no where to be found, but GA approached One Hoboken campaign manager Jamie Cryan, BoE trustee and former City Council candidate Peter Biancamano,  former City Council candidate Frank Raia, Freeholder Anthony Romano, former City Council candidate Brittany Cook, and 3rd Ward Councilman Mike Russo!  All were quite polite.

I peppered Russo with questions- mainly about his peers, but can't repeat the conversation (I promised confidentiality).  I can say he finds this blog "funny" including satirical commentary about him. One complaint:  he wants pics where he looks thinner.   I told him I could pop his head on the Coppertone girl if he likes, just to send the photo of any Adonis-like body and I'll do the rest.  Russo promised he would...  If you're out there Mike, send it over:  I'm waiting!

Of course Russo's attendance spoke volumes. The entire nine-member City Council showed at the inauguration, but only Russo came to the after-party.  He's a politician in the old-school vein; he'll shiv you in a meeting then knock down a beer with you later.   It's all politics.  GA is surprised Timmy didn't show for those reasons.  Hmmm.

Peter B., who was there with former running-mate Brittany Cook, gave me the autographed photo of Rachel Maddow which he's had for 2 years!  Yes, it's true: GA has been seduced by a Dark Side elected official.  I have taken swag from the Rachel Maddow Show!  Which means I have to write nice stuff about Peter Biancamano.

Okay, here it is: "nice stuff about Peter Biancamano".  

GA was delighted to meet Ms. Cook, a very attractive lady. I asked if she planned to get back into local politics to which she replied, "Yes".  Good luck!   GA would rather skinny-dip in a live volcano, but hey, different strokes...  I guess we'll  be seeing more of her at public meetings, and so forth.

One last note: Ravi told GA he will be on the Council for FOUR years, and is not splitting for other political endeavors, contrary to rumor floating around.  (Why is Ravi always targeted?  Must we Sikh the answer or is Sikh the answer?)    Meanwhile Anthony Romano told GA he plans to run again for Freeholder and hopes to get the mayor's blessing.

Well, that's it for now.

Have a great day, folks and pray for my laptop, please.

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