On the Way to Trenton

Al Sullivan seems to have picked up on a rumor that was floating around before the November 5 election:

Garcia may soon have to choose between taking his seat in the state Assembly and keeping his job as executive director of the Hoboken Housing Authority – a legal issue that has yet to be resolved. If Garcia chooses to remain with the HHA, then his Assembly seat is up for grabs, and Russo is more than likely one of those who will try to claim it.

Garcia, meanwhile, may well hire his Assembly staff anyway, forcing others to make the legal challenge. Hoboken businessman Joseph Branco is rumored to be a future hire as Garcia’s chief of staff.

Well, if that rumor's still alive, we may be hearing soon of a BFF Chief of Staff appointment in Garcia's cabinet (?)... do NJ State Assemblymen have cabinets?  

GA's  thinking that perhaps Assemblyman Garcia and his new Chief of Staff can drive that bus down to Trenton, swing by Jake's house to drop off that re-tooled "ethnic cleansing" lawsuit and have a quick protest march "Jake the Snake! He's STILL a Snake!", record it all on a hidden wire, then hop back on the bus and head to the State Assembly...



  1. Mr. Garcia, why don't you do your job and install the generators that are sitting in the back of the HHA ground-level parking prone to severe flooding? As a civil servant what are you being paid for to sue the mayor or protect your tenants? Because Trenton don't want you. Might as well stay on your life raft as long as you can, because no one else wants you.


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