New Harassment for HHA Activist Jessica Coco

4th and Final Notice of Inspection left on Ms. Coco's door the afternoon of Tuesday January 14, 2014- with less than 24 hours notice.   Moreover, what happened to Notices 1, 2, and 3

In what looks like another crack at "legal action" against HHA tenant activist Jessica Coco, the above notice was left on Ms. Coco's door sometime Tuesday afternoon.  What's so unusual?

A couple of things.
(1) Ms. Coco was NOT given a minimum of 24 hours notice prior to inspection  as is required by HUD regulations.

(2)  The notice is labeled "4th and Final Notice of Annual Inspection"; what happened to Coco's first, second, and third notices?

(3) Ms. Coco's apartment was inspected on or about November or December of 2013 and her lease was already renewed in late 2013.

(4) The political context of Coco's improper notice:
  • the vocal 'campaign' against Councilman and HHA Commissioner Dave Mello and new Reform appointments to the HHA  
  • cries of "ousting the black man" from HHA Chairman and Carmelo Garcia loyalist Rob Davis  
  • the dismissal of Carmelo Garcia's "ethnic cleansing" lawsuit and his vow to "re-file" it
  • the perception that new 33rd District Assemblyman Carmelo Garcia wants to finish out his 5-year contract as HHA Executive Director without a Hatch Act challenge

Make no mistake, Angel Alicea's $1,000,000 swag-bag from a Hudson County Superior Court jury for alleged ethnic discrimination by the City of Hoboken is catnip to lions.

This is a full-out war to build a strawman for Garcia- that ANY effort to remove him under ANY circumstance amounts to racial discrimination.  Now, if Garcia can hold on to his HHA Executive Directorship... 

He Can! He Will! Watch him!  Keep Vision 20/20 alive, that is.

And Jessica Coco of Save The Projects, the tenant opposition to Garcia's Vision 20/20 Redevelopment is apparently back on the radar.

Brave and beautiful Ms. Coco.

Read the language of the "4th and Final" Notice: "If the Authority cannot gain access to your unit, the Authority will proceed with legal action".  Eviction.

Just so  you know, Ms. Coco is chronically ill.  She needed to go to the emergency room but was forced to stick around for the "inspection".  A repeat of the inspection she had a few months ago.

Harassment, anyone?

'Cease and Desist' letter Coco got from HHA Attorney Charles Daglian falsely alleging she posted this counterfeit notice


  1. The irony is thick and cruel.

    This is how black activists were treated under Jim Crow unless more violent means became necessary.

    Yet we will have to listen to these folks mouthing platitudes about Dr King and the struggles of the oppressed on Monday. Truly nauseating.

    We all know who stands with Dr King in this struggle and who stands with the oppressors. Character, as they say, is what you do when no one is looking. When no one is looking Carmelo is a utter scoundrel, and no one knows this better than Ms Coco.

    It's time for the reform elements of the HHA board to stand up for Coco. She should not be having to fight this out by posting on blogs.

    He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it. ~MLK

  2. Carmelo Garcia and his crew had better be able to produce detailed inspection records for all the other units in the HHA or he may find himself in court.

    Ms Coco should publicly reach out to her Senator Stack to stop what appears to be blatant harassment.

    In the interim a discrimination complaint to HUD would get at very least an investigation.

  3. I would demand that the so called 4th Ward Councilman Tim Occhipinti help stop the harassment.

    Isn't that his job to help the people of his Ward ?

    It would be interesting to see if a man who have been so dependent on Carmelo Garcia to give him the HHA votes to get into office will now have the backbone to do the right thing .

  4. Asking Assembly Chairman Prieto to look into Assemblyman Garcia's actions is also in order.

  5. A letter to the Jersey Journal, Hoboken and Union City Journal,, PATCH to try to get some attention focused on this poor woman's plight might help too.

    Reaching out to the help reporters of TV stations and Hudson TV is another possibility

  6. ...and, please, hire a lawyer!

  7. I agree with Anonymous at 11:46 - If even half of what Ms. Coco claims is true, she has a clear case of harassment. If she hasn't hired an attorney to stop this, those who would empathize with her will lose interest and question her motivation in wishing to make the chronic problem public, but not seek a legal solution.

    1. Respectfully, Jessica has tried. I won't reveal her business, she is welcome to post if she wants.

      All I can say is that law is a business. She has also contacted all of the civil rights non-profits who have limited resources. But she hasn't given up.

      GA and MSV get lots of traffic from law firms.

      How about it?

    2. Every lawyer must perform a certain number of hours of pro-bono work. Many will not handle litigation as it takes them away from their profitable businesses. They seem to want only fluff cases that an angry nonna could solve with one smack. Alternatively, an attorney might handle this on a contingency fee basis. She could also (with some help) make enough noise about this to reach the halls of HUD in DC. Me? I'd install a micro-cam concealed outside my door and get a pit-bull as a "companion" animal. This is life under Garcia? And we thought Troy Washington was bad!

    3. In what world does every lawyer have to perform pro bono? NJ does have pro bono requirements, but there are exemptions. Even more than that, she's not a defendant and that seems to be what the pro bono requirement entails.

  8. Are these the same inspectors who appear to have somehow missed the meth lab ?

    1. No, meth lab ith a dog - their mathcot. I thik ith name ith Beth Lab. Ith a labrador dethiever. It begth for voths.

  9. Is this the typical style of an HHA inspection notice? They type out the apartment and date in bold and different font? Why isn't there just a template with a blank line to be handwritten in? The grammar is wrong, too. "If you have a double lock it must not be lock." WTF? Why is "pets" in quotes? Weird. It looks to be conjured up on the fly just for Jessica. Is Yolanda Sissoko (sp?) the authorized site manager? Is she a real person? Was the list of HHA employees ever revealed to the commissioners? Where is Mr. Carmelo in all of this?

    1. Now do you really expect an organization that is so incompetent that it can't even produce a list of its employees and their job responsibilities to produce notices w/ proper grammar?


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