Mason's Flood Charity Quietly Disbursed Funds

Whatever happened with the money raised by the Mason Civic League for the Beth Mason charity Hudson County Recovers (HCR)?    Do you know?

Me either, until this washed up in cyber-space:

Mason Civic League Facebook
April 25, 2013?

That was 9 months ago.

I didn't hear a thing about it did you?  It happened so quietly.

No press coverage in The Star Ledger, Jersey Journal or Hoboken Reporter, not a peep from Hoboken411...  

How come?

Remember the media fanfare to announce the charity?  On November 14, 2012 the Jersey Journal wrote:

Hoboken Councilwoman Beth Mason's civic association has created a county-wide non-profit organization dedicated to raising donations for local charities providing assistance for Hurricane Sandy victims. 

(That appears not to be true; GA checked the DCA Directory of Registered Charities and could find no evidence Mason created any such non-profit.  Rather, donations were collected by the Mason Civic League Inc. online via PayPal)

So, an event was quietly held at the Mason Civic League last April to give $5,000 each to the following: The Boys and Girls Club, The Jubilee Center, The Liberty Humane Society, The Hoboken Volunteer Ambulance Corps and a fifth (name blocked).  

GA is sure these organizations appreciated the generous donations made by the non-profit entity, the Mason Civic League, Inc.  

But it is curious that if the event did get covered, it's been scrubbed.  More likely, it wasn't covered.

In fact, the Hudson Reporter didn't mention her Hudson County Recovers charity in their "Power List" blurb about Mason (#12).  

GA will hazard a guess and say one reason was to avoid questions on the disastrous $300/head  fundraiser at La Reggia in Secaucus on December 20, 2012.   In fact, buses were rented for seniors to fill empty seats, and invitations posted in senior buildings inviting them for free.   A GA reader described it:

R.I.P., Jimmy.  We miss you.

Anyway, for those who wondered what happened to HCR, here's your answer:

click photo to enlarge
April 25, 2013- Mason disburses Hudson County Recovers funds.


  1. Perhaps she's heard, the feds are all over the bogus relief charities that collected millions but didn't distribute any or most of what they took in, or waited months and months to provide financial assistance:

    Including the governor's wife's charity:

  2. I'm guessing the attempt to raise funds was a net-loser as the cost of the seniors dinner was not offset by fund-raising. And lord knows people on fixed incomes don't need to be throwing money around to a dubious charity like this. So she ended up writing all the checks herself. Nothing new about that. That is the beginning, middle and end of Mason's influence. She writes checks.

  3. Looks like Turner's 527 got stiffed. Weehawken and You Civic Association was supposed to get HCR money.

    1. That 527 is almost as shaky as Mason Civic. They've been censured by ELEC before. Giving them money under the guise of helping Hudson recover is a cruel joke even by mason's standards.

  4. big checks , what a tacky show off
    Hope the brought those big checks to the ATM.
    Imagine how much those blow ups cost?

  5. 99% of people do not promote their philanthropy. some people even choose to donate anonymously. not beth, she's gotta get some PR for those dollars.

    you can't buy class.


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