It's Ba-a-a-a-ack

Not even a month after Hudson County Superior Court threw out the garbage, Attorney Louis Zayas has fished it from the can and sprayed it with air freshener.  

Yep, the "ethnic cleansing" lawsuit is back.

This time with the term, "ethnic cleansing", cleansed in favor of the unoffensive "political patronage".

But really, does it matter?  The complaint still introduces all three Defendants as "white",  Plaintiff Carmelo Garcia as "Hispanic";  in fact, Garcia is white, too as are most Latinos living in the United States--according to the US Census Bureau. The Census Bureau defines "Hispanic" not as a race, but an ethnicity.  But Zayas doesn't let facts get in the way of a frivolous, politically-motivated lawsuit.

Did you know GA is "white" too?  

Here's what I think it's all about: inflaming racial/ethnic tension at the HHA to new heights to intimidate Reform Commissioners, labeling anyone who may try to replace Garcia before his contract is through as a "racist" and likely Defendant in the next lawsuit.

That is my opinion.

Well, MSV posted the Zayas-dreck in it's loathsome entirety.  And guess what?  MSV was named in the lawsuit!  Not as a Defendant but a paragraph:

Of course, this triggered a stunning revelation from Da Horsey:

"For the record, the only elected official to ever offer to employ MSV was Carmelo Garcia!"

"You've got the job!"
Wow, okay.  Since Horsey went public with it, GA will confirm what he told me months ago: in a  conversation with Carmelo, the offer of a job was dangled like a bushel of carrots.

At the time I thought it was clever, a kind of Sun Tzu strategy.

Only later when Al Sullivan broke the story about "secretly recorded conversations" and "political spying"  did GA remember Horsey's "job offer" and wonder if that bushel of carrots dangled under his nose had a wire attached.

We'll never know.


  1. if garcia wasn't wearing a wire, that would be news. he was hoping brice would take the bait then add it to his collection.

  2. Carmelo Colon Ethic KlenzJanuary 28, 2014 at 6:12 PM

    Garcia just wanted to coopt Horsey and see if he could get him compromised so then he could get that Vision Money Money real estate deal. He had no intention of following through, but you know setting up Das Horsey, it's a dream of the old guard.

  3. This twerp thinks now that his suit will stick and the media will pic it up. He is despicable and like Alicea wants his free money and now more then ever since his failed 20/20. When can we b done with these losers? I guess there is always another crop not far behind.


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