Hoboken Reporter Strikes (Out) Again

Al Sullivan is a good friend of mine.  But really, I plan to tuck this week's "Between the Lines" column under the litter box where it belongs.  With any luck, my cat will 'miss'... splat!

Sorry, Al.

You can fling any pejorative at people who believe the mayor is an honest woman; call them any cutesy alliterative term like Zimmer-zealots, zucchinis,  zigguruts, zeppoles, zebras, zigzags, zeros, zeppelins, and so on.   You can assume the worst: that she's loaned her credibility to the national Democratic party or "misunderstood" Guadagno's message at Shoprite.   The rest of us who know her better as the "accidental mayor" who puts the interest of our city first, will just slide your column under our respective cat box(es), and call it a day.

Like me.

As for the Hoboken Reporter's annual "Power List", Beth Mason's got to be disappointed.  For all those weekly page 3 ads she's bought since 2012 (!), she couldn't break the Top Ten?  Of course, Mason's #12 spot-- ahead of Brian Stack (#16), the Hoboken Fair Housing Association (#15),  Tom DeGise (#19), to name a few, proves the HR's obeisance to the mighty dollar.  In fact, Mason's mighty dollars have been proven worthless in the only way that matters in politics: winning elections.  If you don't believe me, ask Mason-financed mayoral candidate, Tim Occhipinti, better known as Mr. 17%.

Also, when is the paper going to stop misspelling (Tom) Bertoli (#4) as Bartoli?  At least they know how to spell his boss' name.

 GA couldn't help but notice that bloggers have slipped off the HR's Power List entirely.  Funny, when it comes to "Most likely to be Sued by Political Operatives" we top that list.   Not surprising the paper would diss us.   Remember they were ready to go to press with a doctored photoshop from (ad-buyer) Beth Mason's political operative.  The Mason operative photoshopped a Grafix Avenger article, renamed it "GasChamberHeader.pdf" and submitted it to the Hoboken Reporter  for a smear piece on Hoboken bloggers.

Yep, it's true. The Mason operative altered a screenshot from my blog- a story about a soiree for Hoboken University Medical Center Administrators- and turned it to something about Nazi gas chambers.

Unbelievably, the paper was ready to go to press with it until GA blew the whistle.

Doctored screenshot by Mason political operative, titled "GasChamberHeader.pdf"
 Here is the operative's 'GasChamberHeader.pdf' (his doctored screen shot) side-by-side with the an actual Grafix Avenger  screen shot. 

The anatomy of a smear
Well folks, enjoy your day.


  1. i've come to not expect much from the HR, but his column this week was beyond even my lowest expectations. it's like he went out of his way to find every anti-reform/anti-zimmer "political insider" for comment. they all basically agree that it's a foregone conclusion that zimmer is lying, and the absolute best case scenario anyone could come up with is that the mayor "misunderstood" what kim says because, well, you know, zimmer's not very competent or politically savvy. really? hey al, are these the same genius, unbiased political insider experts who told you for months that dave mello as "vulnerable" in the last election? how'd that one play out? wasn't he, like, one of the highest (if not the highest) vote getter in the election?

    all the HR's related coverage is so slanted it's not even funny, all starting from the premise that she couldn't possibly be telling the truth and laying out a spread of "facts" and commentary against her...and (according to their telling) if in the highly unlikely case she is telling the truth, then she certainly acted in the wrong way, at the wrong time, because, well, you know, she's not very competent or politically savvy.


  2. I've written off Brian Stack as a lost cause (though Robert Menendez better not think of doing that.) But how can anyone consider Beth Mason more influential than someone who has the power to pick my assemblyman by fiat and renders the election itself a mere formality? Beth is likely gone by the end of new year. She can't get herself elected. She can't get others elected. Surely there is more to influence than paying for dinner. Al just looks stupid when he rolls over on this kind of editorializing by his publishers. Remember Beth's tragic-comic "money raised" Sandy soiree where she had to bus seniors and photoshop the room to make it look like people actually showed up? This is the pathetic denouement of a pathetic career, no more no less. Wake up, Al..

  3. I forgot what the distorter tried on you and brice. idiot barracato left his electronic signature on the file, the guys a shim. you have to wonder why mason pays him $150k.

    1. Mason pays him $150k? Is that recorded anyplace?

    2. take a ride to 10 Stuyvesant avenue in Lyndhurst and ask.

    3. $150k for an imbecile to throw poop on the internet. Makes sense.

  4. Sullivan could have a career in journalism. But the high standards of the Hoboken Reporter beckons


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