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Thank you, Sigsby Cheatham!

After reading your informative and inspirational Facebook postings about Jewish genealogy, I decided to research my Family Tree.

Thank goodness, the Mein Kempf Hall of Records for Inferior Races was open late.  After a light dinner of milk bones,  I relieved myself on a fire hydrant and was walked over there.

What an amazing research facility! My family history was a little hard to find because the Hall of Records has everything under one letter: "J".   But, eventually I found it.

Sigsby was right!  All of my Cave-ancestors got it on with jackals!  My G-d, the humping that went on in my ancestors' caves.

No wonder Grandpa had fangs.

What an educated and literate man.  Thank you, Sigsby Cheatham!


  1. Yes, thank you Sigsby Cheatham. And thank you Carmelo Garcia, whose spokespeople are always effective at telegraphing very revealing ideas out into the world. Thank you, Mister Carmelo!

  2. They may be licking his fester sores but I think it may be time for Carmelo Garcia to consider eating the jackals in his cave.

  3. Mr. Cheatham's unhinged screeds go way beyond garden-variety antisemitism and into the realm of mental illness. It isn't clear what citizens board or panel he may serve on at the HHA, but his bigotry is so extreme, he cannot be trusted to objectively represent a broad variety of residents of different faiths and backgrounds in a federal housing project. He must be removed from that position.

  4. Google profile shows up as unknown GA.

    1. I don't know why there's a problem... how about trying the 'Type Pad' option.

  5. GA-You are hysterical!

  6. Does your cat know about this?

  7. Public Housing is meant to provide housing to people who would otherwise be homeless without; namely Seniors, the working poor, and the physically as well as mentally disabled. Listening to the Carmelitoes its obvious which group they belong to. And if there's any doubt about this, think about what normal thinking person would endorse their own eviction, which is what Vision 20/20 or RADs which would have spelled out to its residents? Actually considering the large number of people who are mentally challenged or mentally ill at the HHA, its interesting Carmelo was unable to pay the vast majority of them to endorse him, but could only find this subset. However, we shouldn't be judging the "Carmelitios" because they are in effect not just "misguided", but seriously misguided as other challenged residents had more sense to refuse. It is Carmelo we should be judging, because he knows better and he is the ring-leader. For developer $ in his pockets, he was willing to throw under the bus all of the residents and employees of the HHA. A place he grew up in. Just like in 2001, he threw all of the Puerto-Ricans under the bus in Applied Housing, where thousands were evicted. Interesting he should call the mayor a racist when he has done more harm to his own race in his own town than almost anyone else. Just yesterday, I heard the story of a Hispanic HHA resident complaining of sexually harassment by Mr. Garcia. Mr. Garcia wants the world to believe he should be playing the lead role to the film The Maverick when in fact it should be the leading role of Enemy of the People.


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