Swearing in is TONIGHT!
Hello, folks. 

GA's got a packed agenda this week so blog posts may be spotty...  Toshiba limped home yesterday; it runs except for a few rotten gizzards, like its wireless card. Ugh.  

Anyway,  GA ran into Ravi Bhalla on the way back from Wallace school this morning.  He reminded me that tonight the City Council meets and will appoint new board members.

So I checked tonight's meeting agenda and here are those appointments:
  • City Council President,  
  • City Council Vice President  
  • (1) Class III City Council representative to the Planning Board
  • (9) Zoning Board member appointments and re-appointments 
  • (2) 5-year appointments to the Hoboken Housing Authority (replacing Jake Stuiver and Greg Lincoln),
  • (1) Hoboken-appointed commissioner to the North Hudson Sewage Authority,
  • (1) 3-year appointment to the Alcohol Beverage Control,
  • Municipal Prosecutor for the City of Hoboken, 1-year term 
  • Public Defender for the City of Hoboken, 1-year term

Wow!  Talk about a packed agenda!

It will be fascinating to see how the Mayor's call to "end divisive rhetoric" will translate to support for nominees. 

Will the 'Council of No' voting bloc stick together or will it undergo it's own re-org?

Will 'Council of No' a.k.a. MORT (Mason, Occhipinti, Russo, Terry C.) lose a member? 

All signs indicate two are vying for Number 6 (the 6th vote needed to pass bond ordinances): Occhipinti and Russo.  Which means the acronym 'MORT' will become  'MOT' or 'MRT', depending on who bolts.  GA  hopes it's Russo because 'MOT' is easier to pronounce and can also be turned to MOT-ley.  Is that "divisive rhetoric"? 

So tonight's meeting will be a forecast of things to come.  And a new seating arrangement!  Thank goodness.    

Ladies request: please put Jim Doyle where Castellano is seated now, so he's on-camera for the whole meeting.   Yes, the ladies agree: Doyle is good-lookin'!    We know he's married to a gorgeous and brilliant lady, we just want to look at him. 

Is that okay, Leah?

Council Hottie  credit: Mile Square View
So, tonight  GA hopes for a display of good will and cooperation amongst the reconfigured Council in appointing qualified, enthusiastic and dedicated board members.  

And for those who want to see the swearing-in of the fabulous THREE Kids First School Board Trustees, that will be tonight at 7 PM in the BoE meeting room.

Congratulations to 'new' Kids First Trustees, new Board and City Council appointees!

And please, stay warm- it is 4 degrees Fahrenheit in Hoboken now. I'm calling it Froze-boken.


  1. I'm going to go on record and say that if Timmy flips and the opposition goes by "Mr. T", my alliances will be up for grabs.

  2. can peter be reappointed as cc president? he's done a good job, hope so. if not, is it jen's turn?

  3. It is colder than Beth Mason's heart out tonight.

    I will be watching on line

  4. BOE swearing in is on tv already. No Garcia or Kernes? Did Peter take some grumpy pills?
    Congrats to the BOE and the CC.

  5. The maj board nominated and voted to keep Leon Gold as Pres. and Ruthy McCallister as VP. Peter Biancomano votes no yet doesn't nominate anyone.

    "Peter, I guess the ETHICS VIOLATION smarted some?????" Creepy, fugly guy.

  6. we miss you GA, hope you and the laptop are ok. come back soon!

    1. Thank you, dear! No, laptop is not okay... data is there but wireless is dead. LA's gizmo works great but doesn't have all the software I need so working off an external hard drive and running up and downstairs. Been too busy to replace the laptop, but will soon. TMI, right?

      Yep, will be back... gotta catch up on news and events. What's this with Christie and the GWB? Did he sit on it and break a cable?


  7. Now that you mention it, he is kind of cute.


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