Earwitness Rumor: Political D-I-V-O-R-C-E?

It's a sad thing when a symbiotic political marriage breaks up.

In this case, we're talking about a parasite and its host.

Here's how it works: the parasite aides and abets the agenda of it's host- votes with it, supports it unconditionally whether it's to oppose the sale of Hoboken's only hospital or a cost-free garage bond refinance consequently blowing a $4.5 Million hole in Hoboken's budget surplus.   Obedience is key in this kind of relationship.  So if the host tells its parasite to vote 'no' to bond for repairs to flood damaged Pier C park or 'no' to new HOP buses to replace those destroyed in Hurricane Sandy, that's what it does.  Obey.  For in return, the parasite attaches itself to the host's checkbook, suckles it with abandon, and is rewarded with a fully-funded mayoral campaign.

Have you figured out yet who GA might be referring to?

Well, Earwitnesses have been buzzing about the bust-up of the Tim Occhipinti- Beth Mason 'marriage'.  The way I heard it, Timmy left her.  For another another woman

Well, he's trying to land the other woman- he hasn't yet.  And there's competition. 

Earwitnesses are buzzing that Councilman Occhipinti's been running around bad-mouthing Councilwoman Mason, throwing her so far under the bus you can only see her ruby slippers.

Not a house, a BUS.
It appears to be about political survival- Timmy's desperately trying to save his seat.  With nowhere to go,  perhaps he believes he may rebrand himself with his 4th Ward constituents if he becomes that critical 6th Vote to advance the popular Mayor and her Reform agenda.

That's my guess.

 Anyway, GA never would have thunk it.  The breakup of a loving and caring political marriage. GA can't imagine this D-I-V-O-R-C-E happening without the host's consent.

Can you?


  1. A sad song sung by Timmy Whynot .

    Boo hoo.

  2. Is it true what I heard at Ted & Joe's? Is it really true that Spongetta and her Boy Toy are no longer an item? Who got possession of the love shack?

    1. Khoboken you continue to rile me with your constant carping about my life. Us girls should stick together.

      Look Beth is not as humanitarian as I thought. Maybe I didn't have that one right. Timmy has no sponsor and is hearing footsteps with Ruben breathing down his neck. It's made him kinda gassy.

      Us girls have to look out for ourselves. I wish Timmy well.

    2. She's deleted all posts about him on FB. Even the one where they returned the lost dog last week. I didn't think it would last though. 2 desperately shallow people in love with their own narcissism.

  3. This. Gossip. Is. Amazing.

  4. geesh, lost the election and now the girl? damn that's cold...

    1. Well Timmy erased her from his Facebook page first. Two months after the election she's done. A keeper is someone you can count on in the good times and when the chips are down.

      Timmy couldn't get her a job in City Hall so that's that. Timmy can do better.

  5. They're back to being in a relationship.

    1. Usually takes me a few fights before I can get out.
      It's just temporary. I'll find someone better.


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