Campos "Likes" Anti-Semitic Facebook Rantings of Carmelo Loyalist

Screenshot from Hoboken Housing Authority Resident Advisory Board/Tenant Association representative Sigsby Cheathem's Facebook page- "liked" by former Hoboken Councilman Chris Campos.   

Holy cow!  In case you haven't heard...

Hoboken Patch has posted an Op-Ed titled, "Councilman Accused of 'Railroading' Housing Authority"  which begins:
"The following is a statement from Debra Morrissette and Sigsby Cheatham the Hoboken Housing Authority Resident Advisory Board/Tenant Association...
The Op-Ed by HHA Tenant reps Cheathem and Morrissette took Commissioner (and At-Large Councilman) Dave Mello to task, alleging at the January 9, 2014 meeting he "attempted to remove the first black chairman from the Hoboken Housing Authority..." and ended with this paragraph:
 As researched by a resident of the HHA, not one member appointed to the city boards is a minority, which serves contrary to the mayor’s inaugural speech of all elected officials working together for ONE Hoboken and being transparent with the processes used in the City’s government.
Is that true?

GA's term as an appointed member of Hoboken's Zoning Board of Adjustment ended on December 31, 2013; I'm a religious minority- Jewish.   Don't we count?

Oh yes, I guess we do.   HHA Tenant leader Sigsby Cheathem has a lot to say about my people, The Chosen, on his Facebook page.

I'm not sure you read this in your history books, but according to Sigsby, Jews are the progeny of horny Cave-girls and jackals (who would occasionally lap up juices from their festering sores),  then in lean times, would eat their doggy-dates.  Yep, here it is:

Woof! woof!

For the record, GA's never eaten dog that I know of, though I've had my share of tough steak.

Now, Sigsby who is somewhat of a 'regular' at City Council meetings, has nicknamed Russo, Castellano, Occhipinti and Mason the "Faithful Four".  Who wants to tell him that Mason is one of those hybrid jackal-humans?

Not me. Woof! Woof!   

Amazingly, not only don't public figures and elected officials repudiate this kind of hate speech, they "like" it.   Ask Chris Campos, former Hoboken 4th Ward Councilman.  He really "likes" it.

Are any of my Jewish brothers and sisters curious why Sigsby calls us "so-called" Jews?  "So-called?"

Anyhoo, what does Ethnic-Cleansing Lawsuit Filer 33rd District Assemblyman Carmelo Garcia have to say about this kind of hate-rhetoric coming from an HHA loyalist and tenant leader?

Here it is!

Don't you wonder what his Jewish peers in Trenton will think about this?

 One thing is for sure: Sigsby Cheathem , Advocate outspoken advocate for Carmelo Garcia's Vision 20/20 has got his story and is sticking to it... or is his words:

Thumbs up, Mr. Campos?

Woof! Woof!


  1. can't decide if this guy is a true whackjob or just a garden-variety attention-seeking blowhard. and i can't be bothered to care one way or another.

  2. This man took an online IQ test and scored 132 with a rating of "word warrior." It says so on his amazon profile and his posts. This seems to be the case of an idle mind wanting to find something to believe in, and in walks Carmelo.

  3. Guy needs a psych ward.

  4. I always wonder what happened to the NYC Police Officer who arrested Christopher Campos for driving under the influence. Hope he is OK.

    Campos made a lot of very nasty accusations against the Officer and after a long drawn out court battle he plead guilty.

    It does not come as a shock to me that he would facebook like such anti-Semitic monologues.

  5. Christopher Campos plead guilty to the DWI charges.

  6. I swear the racists are still losing their minds over a black man in the oval office...and those in Hoboken losing theirs over a Jewish mayor. Racism is alive and well in Amurikkka.

  7. Cheetham, I've read better quotes on the bathroom stalls of public toilets that were occupied by the homeless bums of America.

  8. black racist sigsby got awfully quiet.

    maybe carmelo told him to shut his crazy trap.

  9. There aren't too many of these so-called Carmelitos with any credibility left, are there?
    This Cheatham cat: racist moron
    Barbara Reyes: Nasty fang lady
    Debra Morrissette: Nasty middle-finger lady
    Margorie Beyard (Campos' grandma or aunt): Race-baiting hate-monger
    Carmen Vega: Loudmouth moron always screaming about how she was BORN AND RAISED!!!!
    Marianne Camoreale: Threatened Ravi Bhalla, made "You Jewish people" voicemail threat

    Mister Carmelo sure knows how to pick his spokespeople, doesn't he?

  10. beyond disgusted. They sure know what buttons to push to motivate the hate and distract the crowds from their own doings. Saddened to see how easily some people are taking the bait. Again.

    1. it is sad, but what has this behavior ever actually accomplished? how has carmelo and his team ever benefited from all this racist rabble rousing? i don't see what it's gained them.

    2. seems to me it serves as a very useful distraction. They feel powerful and emboldended fighting against the most recent strawman while generator funding goes unspent, locks are broken, meth labs open up, gun shots ring out..... But it's "their" fault! Used to work at the Board of Education and the Council too. Don't pay any attention to that money marching out the door....."they" are out to get you. The louder the rousing, the better. Then others get turned off to getting involved too.$$$$$$$

  11. GA, you are the best!! Woodward and Bernstein got nothing on you!!

  12. Agreed 3 thumbs up for GA! All in favor, Ai!

  13. Damn! He's onto us. I better get Fido to the cave and make sure I'm stocked up on matzoh and barbeque sauce.


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