Vine: "a lawsuit will be filed..."

Well, folks.  We are heading into a slow news-cycle; you know, tomorrow is Christmas Eve and attentions have turned toward the merry, kids are home from school this week, so...

 GA wishes you-all a very happy and healthy and Merry Christmas, and that goes to ALL of you, whether you lurk on the Dark Side or in the Light.

Today, I did read this tantalizing morsel on Hanging' on the Vine, Hudson County's best new political news-blog.
The odds are that newly elected 33rd District Assemblyman Carmelo Garcia will not get to serve out his full term in the Assembly starting next month.

The basic reason is that Hangin on the Vine has learned that a lawsuit will be filed challenging his right to serve in lieu of the Hatch Act and his position as Executive Director of the Hoboken Housing Authority. 

Hey Mr./Ms. Vine, whoever you are, how do you know this?  If true, it certainly is curious because you seem to imply that if push came to (legal) shove, Garcia would give up the Assembly rather than the HHA Executive Directorship.

OK, more later... perhaps!


  1. Wow is right! I am staying tuned.

  2. I'd rather they fire him from the Housing Authority. Of course, he'll sue to keep that job. So they can sue under Hatch & fire him simultaneously.

  3. Another year on the BOE too. Great, another 3-4 meetings for him to suck the air out of.

  4. His seat will be filled shortly and the BOE will be rid of him.

  5. OH, NO. Last meeting he said he would not resign until after being sworn in. Now I see why. If this Hatch Act is an issue, his running mate should have known better.

  6. But even if he can't finish his term, once he is sworn in, then he will be officially off the BOE. He can't come back and say lost the Assembly spot, give me back my seat. No way.

  7. If he leaves his Assembly seat, will it be up for bidding by Raia and Mason?

  8. So, this is no surprise to him. At the last BOE meeting, Kearns was looking for anyway that Garcia can stay on the BOE and the assembly at the same time. Now it makes sense.

  9. My guess is first Carmello will have to resign his BOE chair, then Hatch will fall on his Assembly seat, then he will get the axe from the HHA.

    Couldn't happen to a more deserving guy.


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