The Masons Get Milked!

Uh-oh... did Frank Raia's (proverbial) udders dry up?

For awhile there were so many lips suckling at his teats, he didn't noticed a couple were Ruben Ramos' people.

Thanks to GA and anonymous sources, on November 7, 2013 a certain teat-sucking Benedict Tuna was outed:
Finboy was meeting with (Mark) Albiez and with Swibinski But he was meeting with Albiez regularly, at least once a week if not more.  From the very beginning of the campaign. 
Holy two-timing trout! 

Albiez, Union City Mayor Brian Stack's Chief of Staff and powerful Hudson County politico (#97 on PolitickerNJ's 2013 Power List) was Ramos' right-hand man and some say, the architect of his campaign!

It only got worse for Frank. 

Because on November 21, 2013, GA exposed the ultimate double-cross: the teat-sucking trout had hired a Swibinski guy for Raia's TV ad(Swibinski is Frank's arch-enemy and his firm was working for Ruben Ramos)

Word has it, once Raia found out Finboy gave his money- $10K- to the Swibinski- guy, he (Frank) was LIVID.

And guess what?

That kind of rage and betrayal sometimes causes a condition  well-known to the (vote) farming community, "hungricus leachicus". It's caused by parasites, and is not contagious.  The cure is to rid oneself of the parasites, either by firing them or changing the locks.  However, most victims of hungricus leachicus are unaware they are infected until it's too late and their udders are sucked clean.  Smack!    If left untreated, swollen and productive teats dehydrate, whither, and eventually fall off.

Once teats are gone, the sucker goes with them.  Long-term effects of infection include humiliation and becoming the butt of jokes in your community.

So, thanks to GA and well-milked sources, one thirsty and duplicitous parasite was udderly busted.

What happened next?

One can speculate.  GA had heard that Frank was (unbelievably) being asked for more money.  GA also heard Frank said "NO". 

That may not have stopped the request for dollars from being filled...  the money may have come from another pair of equally-swollen udders.  It looks like it did...

On October 24, 2013, $10K "moved forward" from Beth and Ricky Mason to One Hoboken Moving Forward BoE candidates.

 One Hoboken Moving Forward's 11-Day Pre-ELEC- filed 10-25-13

Next, One Hoboken Moving Forward's 20 Day Post ELEC filed November 25, 2013 shows  $9,909.34 of "campaign expenses" moved forward out of their campaign depository...

 One Hoboken Moving Forward's 20 Day Post ELEC-- $4,425.50 was transferred from  2012's 'Nazi Truck' BoE campaign. Longtime Rasia-associate Freddy Frazer is Treasurer for One Hoboken Moving Forward's (invisible) field operation, "office supplies" when they had no "office"- but worked out of  Frank's One Hoboken HQ,  "painting and decorating" One Hoboken's HQ- which (I recall) wasn't painted and they bought furniture at Hoboken Paint & Hardware?  Um... I know the store, they don't sell furniture.

Note the  money 'moved forward' on November 25, 2013-- AFTER Raia found out his teats had been drained for the Swibinski-guy's TV ad.

So, did Frank say "NO" to these payments thus they were "moved forward" to the Masons' udders? Because this money came from Beth and Ricky Mason.

Which means the Masons got milked!

Note, that aside from the Masons' $10K contribution on 10/24/13, the only other contribution  to that 2013 BoE campaign was  $4,425.00 transferred from the 2012 'Nazi Truck' "Move Forward" campaign on 10/07/13!

And that money should have been paid back to Friends of Beth Mason, which broke Hoboken's Pay-to-Play ordinance with it's  $7,117.05 in-kind contributions!

Move Forward campaign was supposed to pay back Beth Mason PAC's EXCESS contribution of $6,617. 05

It never ends, folks! 

Got milk?


  1. The question is: now that the campaign is over are any of them ever going to get a real job again? And would anyone in their right mind want to go near anybody associated with the Raia campaign?

  2. well, if Swibinski got over on Raia for $10,000 it means he's still $10,000 behind because Raia allegedly beat him for $20,000 in prior campaign.

    1. anon 12:51
      Still spinning, finn boy. You got it backwards. Swibinski assured raia that he could get sacco to give raia the freeholder seat. Then, Sacco gave it to somebody else, and Swibinski still wanted to get paid for it. Sounds pretty much like what you, AP and the rest of the crew did to Raia this time

  3. this is exactly the way it happened.


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