Thank you, LE

Hoboken's Dustin Friedland
GA caught Essex County Prosecutor Carolyn Murray's press conference this morning, to announce the arrest of the 4 NJ men alleged to have participated in the carjacking and murder of Hoboken resident Dustin Friedland last Sunday night at NJ's Short Hills Mall.

GA is elated at this development, and wishes to thank all members of the law enforcement community who were able to work so quickly to locate and arrest the suspects.

According to Prosecutor Murray, the target was the car. The four suspects rode to the mall, and two got out of their car to  ambush  Friedland who was shot when he wouldn't give up the keys because his wife was inside.

He died a senseless death as a HERO, risking himself to protect his wife.

It may have been US DOJ Attorney Fishman who said that arrests began "9ish" last night and continued to 3AM this morning.  One suspect was arrested at a hotel in Pennsylvania, the others at residences in NJ.  The police received thousands of tips from an outraged public.  The gun was not recovered (yet) but police have a "projectile".

The charges include murder, carjacking, possession of a firearm.  Murray said these were "state" charges, that the Federal government hadn't filed charges yet.  She said that the maximum penalty was "life"; New Jersey has no death penalty.

GA has mixed views of the death penalty.  If these men can be proven beyond any doubt responsible, they deserve it.

A beautiful life, robbed


  1. I believe that the death penalty should be given on a case-by-case basis, and this is such a case. The team effort by multil-agency law enforcement personnel using shoe-leatger following up on leads and modern technoloty help to bring these vicious criminals to justice.

    1. Yep.

      But the disparity in quality of defense and availability of resources for one's defense for poor vs rich defendants that sometimes results in wrong convictions (and the wealthy escaping conviction) is a big problem I have with administration of the death penalty. But then, in a case where it is beyond any doubt who was responsible for a cruel senseless murder, like this one, then I have no problem with it.


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