Source: "Mole Targeting Zimmer Administration"

A reliable source has told GA of a person with deep ties to Ruben Ramos 'making nice' with the Zimmer Administration in hopes of finding work there.  The source cites "three Zimmer people were approached by (redacted) so far".

GA was told that once 'inside', this person will act to undermine the Zimmer administration, including leaking information to Ramos; a 'mole'.  

To my Reform peeps, be on the look-out.   Moles come in all kinds of packages, some very pretty ones.


  1. Is this like the mole in the HR this weekend? McPherson.

    "Cammarano with his new cabinet today. From left, Corporation Counsel JASON ORLANDO, Public Safety Director Angel Alicea, Health and Human Services Director Terry LaBruno, Cammarano, chief-of-staff Joseph Garcia, Director of Environmental Services John Pope and Todd Poole, Director of Community Development."

    56 Prop Loc: 1100-06 CLINTON ST Owner: ORLANDO, JASON & VALARIE MCPHERSON Square Ft: 1550

  2. i expect everyone in the zimmer administration is smart enough to not get caught off guard with these approaches. check and double check everyone, trust but verify.

  3. I hear this mole is looking for a commnications gig.

    Melli, watch your back!

  4. Melli. Is. Not. Amazing. I. Am. #AmazingMe #RamosOnSpeedDial #Moles-R-Us #NoMoreDoofus #ImAmazing

  5. That's not me. I'd never be caught dead in a high profile shot like that without my trademark black nail polish.

  6. Holy Moley -- can they get Raia to pay for this mole, too?


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