Russo Grabs the Chair!

You can't say Mike Russo isn't real good at the game of politics, and speaking of games...

Imagine last night's Council meeting as a game of Musical Chairs. One empty seat, the 5th vote, was circled by 4 minority members: Mike Russo, Terry Castellano, Beth Mason and Tim Occhipinti.    Round and round and round...

Round and round the mulberry bush, 
The monkey chased the weasel. 
The monkey stopped to pull up his socks 
And Pop goes the weasel.

Well, guess who grabbed the chair?  

Mike Russo!

Here is what MSV reported today:

Councilman Michael Russo stunned the City Council and the public when he pivoted on a decisive vote approving a design vendor for Sinatra Drive: Kimley Horn and Associates in a 5-3 vote.

Yup, when the music stopped, he was all over that chair.  Me, me, me!  It's mine! Back off, Timmy, Terry and Beth!

The question is, WHO was really in the game?  Did any other others want to grab the chair?

The next meeting in 2014 will have Jim Doyle, Reform's 5th vote, so Musical Chairs will commence only when a 6th vote is needed.

That chair holds power. The Dark Sider who gets it is relevant, and on the same side  as an Administration that swept City Hall and the Board of Education, and will appoint a new Zoning Board and HHA Commissioners.
What savvy politician wouldn't want to be on that side?  Mike Russo is a savvy politician.

But, to my Reform peeps who believe this is some kind of epiphany, or choice to do what's best for Hoboken, hop back on the turnip truck and go home to the farm.

Last night was a Power Play.  Russo was staking out his turf, with the message, "that chair is mine."  We all heard it, loud and clear.  But, don't get used to it; when it is no longer politically expedient to have the chair, he'll walk away.  And turnip- farmers with trembling lower lips will sniffle, "But, but... I thought he changed".

No, he didn't.

So, GA says, take it for what it is and enjoy it while it lasts.

Now, if Russo has real competition in his game of Musical Chairs-  that weakens the leverage Russo thinks that chair might give him with the Zimmer administration.


  1. Once again, we were treated to the nauseating display of Mason's incompetence, first complaining that responses to the RFP's should have been made public, revealing her complete lack of understanding of the bid process (as with the hospital sale), and then she has her characteristic make-up avalanche melt-down over information that she demands, but never reads, calling these communications from the City's departments "garbage".

    Castellano, nodding in agreement with every incoherent syllable that was spat from Mason's lying mouth, tried to embarrass Melo into saying something he hadn't said, forcing Marks to reveal that the Fund for a Better Waterfront tried to get the City to hire them, circumventing the legally required process. Taking a glance at their current staff and supporters, it's clear the Fund for a Better Waterfront ain't what it used to be and through the maneuver that was revealed last night, their "interested party" status needs to be revoked.

  2. Who else could the chair possibly belong to? Castellano is too nasty and hates Zimmer too much. Ditto for Mason with a big dose of crazy added in. Tim is tied to Mason's apron strings and too afraid of drowning to ever let go. That leaves only Mike who is smart enough to be sending the message that his vote could be available - for a price. So now its just a matter of who will be the highest bidder whenever the 6th vote makes a difference and if no one bids he'll do whatever he thinks is best for Mike.

    In Hoboken, that's as close as we're going to get to a functioning government.

    1. Mike is gonna hold onto that seat for dear life and use it to swat away Ramos in the ward elections in two years.

    2. Ramos is rumored to be running in the 4th Ward.

      Raia may go after Tony Russo's kids seat or at least run a spoiler campaign to repay the Russo's for their past actions

      The sooner Hoboken is rid of the Russo's the better.

  3. Regarding Ramos in the 4th - Hillary was supposed to have the path to success and Barack came forward. At this point in time, Ramos is in a good position in the 4th but has to stand the test of time. Raia is a political loser and Russo is a pro politician. The Zimmer Administration will now have a clearer road to turther improve Hoboken.

  4. Not for nothing but Ramos thinks he is the big cheese because he has yuppy friends who he believes will vote for him. They might. He recently ran and got his name out there. No new comers know Russo. Ramos has a shot.


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