Puzzled Roaches

This one's for GA reader Puzzled One, who posted: My favorite tank at LSC is the cockroaches -here you go!

Merry Xmas!

Liberty Science Center hissing roaches for Puzzled One

So, what did Santa bring you?  Were you naughty or nice?  Remember: when you do your re-gifting, don't give the ugly sweater or cheap wine back to the person you got it from.

Ho ho ho!

Well, folks it's a slow week. GA was on Staten Island this morning- do you know it cost $13 to enter New York City's least distinguished borough from the Bayonne Bridge?  13 frigging dollars!  I'd pay $13 to leave Staten Island. 

When I got home, this was in my mailbox: 

Woo hoo! 

That paper could have said "The inauguration of Tim Occhipinti".  Sounds like a horror flick, no? Can you imagine?  Of course, if that were the case, I wouldn't have been invited.

So thank you, Inaugural Committee.  And please seat me in the Zimmer-Blogger section: the place where Zimmer-bloggers receive radio transmissions from the mayor's hidden antennae: beep-beep-beep boop-beep boop-beep  boop-boop-boop... You got it, Mayor!

OK, anything else going on?  Let me check the tank...

Oh, yes!  GA hears a hapless herring has garnered such exceptionally poor reviews for his work on the Raia-Occhipinti  mayoral campaign he may be 'damaged goods' among the politicos of Hudson County.  This from sources outside of our fair city.

Don't despair, talentless trout.  I hear your future is in the bag.


  1. Perhaps the love couple are having troubles Finn Boy can't fix -- like the cash cow ran dry and now she's looking for a new cow to milk. She should avoid Carmelo, he won't be making too much moo-la if he gets dumped out of his HHA job


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