Happy Holidays from Brian Stack

Ho ho ho!   

GA readers know what it means to me to be remembered around the holidays by our elected officials.

These cards hold special meaning; especially the ones addressed to "CURRENT RESIDENT" because I know wherever I go, like heat-seeking missiles, they will find me where I will always be that special "CURRENT RESIDENT". 

So, GA was delighted to be remembered again this year  by my State Senator, Brian Stack.   Thank you, Senator Stack!

I like this year's card; it's bright and cheery.  And bilingual! 

Hoboken residents: don't hold your breath for your Zimmer holiday card;  you'll turn blue and drop dead first.  And I mean it. You will literally be six feet under or in an urn on the mantle before you get one from her.  Thanks for nothing, Mayor.

I did get a Christmas card once from Michael Russo.  And former Mayor Roberts, too.  

Savvy politicians know that people like getting stuff.  Free stuff.  I do.

So please send your poinsettias, chocolates, turkeys, breads, and miscellaneous tchockes to me, "CURRENT RESIDENT" in your ward, district, city or county.   

Is that a deal?