A Lump of Coal for Zayas

Not looking merry at Liberty Science Center

GA just got back from a fabulous day at LSC (Liberty Science Center) with LA (Little Avenger), and took a peek inside da Horsey's barn...

Oh, boo-hoo and sniffle-sniff!  

MSV reported the City Council voted last night to flush Angel Alicea's $440K payday down the City Hall crapper, in a 5-2 vote.  Which, of course, leaves Louis Zayas clinging to the porcelain rim for dear life...


Darn, there's nothing worse for a lawyer than having a huge payday flushed from the jaws of victory.  I mean, if $440K gets awarded in the forest but no one is there to approve it, did it make a sound?

Well, count on Mike Russo and Terry Castellano to endorse the taxpayer-screwing, just like the good old days!  You know, when a 'friend' would sue the City and get a big judgment?

What are you talking about, GA

Oh, don't you know?

Yet another reason why Mayor Zimmer's administration is hated... because she put a stop to this 'game':
A 'friend' sues the City for some alleged infraction, often frivolous, the City attorney would hire an “outside counsel” (read “politically connected law firm”) and that outside counsel would allow the suit to drag on and on and on and on, billing hourly.... ka-ching ka-ching. (with the benevolent approval of the city attorney *wink* *wink*)

All this time the politically connected outside counsel is making campaign donations and wining and dining the various politicos whose approval was needed to get and keep the “outside counsel” designation.

After enough money has been sucked from the city’s coffers, a suitably generous “settlement” is EVENTUALLY arranged with the assistance of the plaintiff’s attorney.

From the “settlement” pot: (i) the plaintiff’s attorney gets his cut of the settlement for his fees, as the case was taken on a contingency basis; and (ii) the “friend” gets his slice; and (iii) and the various politicos that make this merry game keep churning all get a taste; and (iv) the outside counsel gets a new case and the Zombie game begins again.

This was risk free litigation, with the costs of the litigation essentially funded by the City. There was no hurry to bring the case to resolution, legitimately, when the billing is hourly and the results are guaranteed by the City’s coffers. The rules of the Zombie game make sure that everyone gets paid in the end. 
The City no longer 'settles' these sh*t-cases; the City litigates them and WINSGA believes Hoboken's 'win' record is something like 94%.  So, what we pay upfront in legal fees, taxpayers save more than in settlements.

And, litigating instead of settling these suits means, no payday for the 'gang'... boo hoo. 

So whomever thinks they may get a 'piece' of the Alicea settlement, Santa may be stuffing something else in their stocking this year... and it ain't green. 

The real 'Stick' (bug)
Where was Beth Mason last night?   Hangin' with the frog?

Lazy frog


  1. So Tim voted against the Alicea award, with Reform. I'll be darned. What could be going on inside that um, brain?

    1. There's not a lot in here but hey even if Beth was here the settlement wouldn't pass so it didn't matter. Why not be on the winning team? Maybe Mayor Zimmer will see I did her a favor so she owes me a favor and gives my rookie a 100K job. Someone needs to get that Juan guy under control and he can report to her and then everything will be cool.

      You want my vote right?

    2. It's either you or Russo, Tim.

  2. I don't get it - the Jury awarded the money, don't they have to pay? Or does this mean they will appeal?

  3. My favorite tank at LSC is the cockroaches. I forget the number they say are in there, but it's inordinately large, and inside every crevice, there are multiple roaches hiding away. When food shows up in the tank, cockroaches come out from everywhere trying to find a snack. Watching it leaves me both intrigued and disgusted at the same time, often the same emotion when I read about some of our politico's behavior on your blog.

    1. Indeed, it's hard to tell them apart since they sometimes like to eat each other, and bite the hand that feeds them

  4. The company my father worked for had a "war chest" set aside to fight lawsuits and no matter what, they NEVER settled. They would rather spend all of that money fighting the suit. It was a very effective strategy because there were no easy paydays and the law firms knew it. They rarely had to deal with scumbags and frivolous lawsuits.

    1. Yep. There is no settling with scumbags nor frivolous lawsuits. All the way to the US Supreme Court.


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