Who Got Raia's Money?

48-HR ELEC cash infusion to Raia campaign on 11/5/2013, filed on 11/8/2013

On November 4, 2013 the Jersey Journal reported that Occhipinti’s “One Hoboken” slate has raised $154,024 according to the latest figures filed with the state Election Law Enforcement Commission on Oct. 25.  Then on November 5, Raia infused $17,500 more into his campaign, to bring the reported total funds raised to $171,524.

How much of this was contributed by Frank Raia?

His reported aggregate contribution was $122,400.  Which brings Raia's portion of reported contributions to 71.3% of the total raised .


And that's only what was reported. So where did Frank's money go?

 GA's Earwitnesses described boxes of unopened campaign literature tossed out- 25 boxes for the BoE candidates alone, boxes of dog biscuits, money charged for street workers (but no street workers), computers and office equipment bought that weren't used, and then the expenses... like the $10,000 for an ad created by the team running the Ramos campaign, 50% reported to have been skimmed off the top by a greedy, double-crossing tuna.

And Ruben?

On November 4, the Jersey Journal reported that Ruben Ramos' campaign had raised $120,265 and spent $115,156, leaving a balance of  $5,109.    


So, Frank's campaign was flush with cash (not including Beth Mason's in-kind contributions- ads, the cable access infomercials, operatives) and Ruben's was nearly broke. Then how did Ramos pay his consultants and operatives?

Today a GA reader raised a fascinating question...

Did any of Frank's money get funneled to the Ramos campaign?  Is it possible that Raia cash paid Ramos vendors and operatives?  Can you imagine?

We know at least one case where he did.

We know that Finboy gave Raia cash to Team Ramos when he employed Swibinski's auteur to create a TV ad for Occhipinti.  We know that $10,000 for that 30-second ad is very steep, and sources report Finboy got half.  

How many other businesses overcharged Frank or charged for services that weren't performed.  How much of this extra money, from Frank's wallet got shared.

WHO got Raia's money?

A large sum appears to have been charged for "street workers".  Sources inside the Occhpinti campaign say there were none.

GA also hears that Frank was warned that he was getting ripped off during the campaign, when he could have done something about it.  But he shrugged it off.

And now he looks like a jerk.

Barracato made an ass out of Raia, when he brought Frank's money to Swibinski's guy to produce his commercial.  No wonder Frank came in an appalling 7th place.  Sabotaged, tapped, humiliated.

And now another indignity: wondering whether his wallet was drained for his opponent's campaign.

If I were Raia, I'd have a lot of questions for a fish. Just don't expect the truth.


  1. I do not feel too bad for Poopie. He knows as well as anyone that that's how that side works. If they got into office the exact same kind of double dealing practices would be happening daily, except it would be taxpayer money instead of Frank's money.

  2. Frank is not exactly a sympathetic character. He should have known better. He just looks dumb. The question is, does he get revenge? If so, how? Whatever the Ramos people did to screw Frank, you know the Russos were pulling the strings.

    Maybe Frank will figure out a way to take Russo down in 2015. Daggers will be drawn on all sides.

  3. Taking it up the poopsteerNovember 25, 2013 at 7:44 PM

    Looks like Pupie took one up the poopster for the "home" team? Would Raia have a problem with that? Apparently, the Russo clan decided for him.

    And they were all for it. Sorry Pupie.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. We could. We did. Now watch us !

    Much to be thankful for this year.

    The best is yet to come and won't it be fine.

    Enjoy your holidays everyone.

  5. How did Ramos get that extra cash? Well, MSTA's Ron Simoncini was at his side on Election night looking pretty surprised and grim by his defeat?

  6. Happy Thanksgiving GA! You deserve a Pulitzer prize for your investigative journalism.

    1. I can hear my detractors rolling their eyes at that one! Thank you. And a very Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


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