Tim's Mole was a Fish!

Who knew that One Hoboken's mole had flippers and gills!

GA didn't.  But, something didn't smell right at the reaction GA got after I posted this on September 26, 2013:

No, not that kind of mole.
The kind of mole that infiltrates a mayoral campaign--Tim Occhipinti's for example, from an opposing campaign--Ruben Ramos' for example, then spys.

Now, the kind of mole that's a darkly pigmented skin lesion can turn cancerous.The kind of mole that infiltrates a mayoral campaign- a 'Trojan mole' so to speak (named for the horse, not the condom) buries itself deep within so it may leak information from inside that campaign.  You may call this person a Leaky Trojan Mole (not to be confused with a leaky rubber).
So, GA was told that Timmy's camp has at least one mole dispatched to spy on the campaign by the Ramos camp!   Further.... sources say the Leaky Trojan Mole(s) were told to stay very close to Occhipinti, because he was a "doofus" and the least likely to catch on!
And this on September 27, 2013:

 Oh no!  He's got another one! You know moles are fairly common; adults can have anywhere from 10- 40, some even have 41.  Some have 42.   Some have 43. Political campaigns, on the other hand, do not naturally form moles.  Unless they are Tim Occhipinti's- in which case they are infested. GA spoke to sources earlier and they gave me juice on the mole situation. Do you mind if I call it mole juice? In this case mole juice does not mean pus or fluids from a leaky mole, it means juice about a leaky mole.  A Leaky Trojan Mole. (Referring to the horse, not the prophylactic, in case you forgot.)  Are you ready for Leaky Trojan Mole juice?   Well, it appears there is a second mole.  

Well folks, those two posts triggered a Twitter meltdown from One Hoboken's Communications Director! 
GA began to smell a rotten fish
Why was she so upset about the mole-talk? When GA posted a graphic of Tim as a weenie on a hot dog bun,  no one complained.

Moreover, these Tweets were Finboy's talking points down to the oft-repeated and anonymously blogged  "cyber-bullies".

The next spate of Palasciano Tweets included a threat of litigation, so GA posted the following retraction:

 GA Note:  Amanda Palasciano has requested a retraction regarding statements that she has worked for Ruben Ramos.  Ms. Palasciano denies she has worked for Mr. Ramos and that statements that she has are not true.

That really set my hair on fire. What was the big deal about working for Ruben- it is certainly not libel nor actionable defamation. Why so defensive?  Plus that curious odor of tainted trout.

So, here we ARE today.  Finboy has been outed as meeting with Chief Ramos campaign braintrust Mark Albiez through out the campaign, and canoodling with Ruben's political strategist Paul Swibinski and Ramos ally Councilman Mike Russo.

The gross MISMANAGEMENT of campaign communications, campaign cash, the absence of a ground game and GOTV speaks of premeditation and planning on behalf of Ruben Ramos. 

Holy MOLEy.

GA WAS RIGHT. There was (at least) ONE mole in the One Hoboken campaign, and he had gills and flippers!

Can we call him Aqua-Mole?

GA hears AQUA-MOLE is swimming about Hudson County doing "damage control", but his problem is that too many people know my sources are right.

And when you have betrayed the woman who's been a steady source of income for years (Beth Mason),  betrayed a guy with friends and money (Frank Raia)insulted the father of a comrade (Mike Russo),  tried to ruin the career of an ally by disseminating trash to the press during a critical election (Tom Bertoli), and become a PUBLIC FIGURE, well... karma awaits.


  1. Aqua mole!!!!! ROFLMAO!

  2. Aqua Mole has now replaced the moniker Fin Boy!

  3. Aqua Mole has superpowers. Everything he touches turns to shit. He's behind the fithiest political attacks, will throw anybody under the bus, takes the bosses cash while he's helping her enemy and gets away with it. Because he's Aqua Mole, dipshit of the deep.

    Those. Superpowers. Are. Amazing. #AquaMole

  4. Some moles turn cancerous.

  5. Some moles are just assholes. :)

  6. Aqua Mole has a lot of possibilities as a Hudson County cartoon character.

  7. Now that the election is over and the mole has been exposed, the Mayor and city council can go on with their business to run the city efficiently. The current 5-4 makeup of our governing body should end the tug of war.

  8. JRR pointed out that whenever evil is defeated, it takes a reprieve, rebuilds and then returns in a different form. Be wary not to under estimate the enemy


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