Tim Tanks Ruben, Raia takes 7th Place, Zimmer wins MarineView

Well folks, this election post-mortem will go on for some time to come.  Details required for a thorough dissection are not in GA's custody (vote counts by Ward and District), but they'll hit the public domain soon enough.

GA can tell you with certainty, this corpse is cold and stiff as a board and no amount of dirty tricks or Mason loot will ever bring it back.

Reform and the Dark Side wake up to a New (Hoboken) World Order (NHWO).

Before results came in

The deadlock is DEAD... in spite of tonight's predictable Hail Mary at the City Council: the Jen Giattino Strategy.  A.k.a., trying to steal a flood victim's seat because she's temporarily displaced during her home renovation.  Call that strategy' the last nail'.

Why make one flood victim hate you when can piss off an entire city of flood victims?  Al Sullivan got it right this week:
Giattino was accused of not living in the ward where she serves as council person. She was displaced as a result of Hurricane Sandy, winning her increased sympathy as the victim of a senseless political attack...
But I digress.  Embracing the NHWO means Reform controls:
  • 8 Zoning Board of Adjustment appointments (6 members now, 3 terms end on Dec. 31, 2013- 11 seats on a full Board)
  • 2 HHA appointments (to fill Stuiver and Lincoln vacancies)
  • City Council majority (will need to flip a Dark Sider for a 6th vote)
  • School Board (Kids First) majority 
Did you know she was 9 feet tall?

Dark Siders, GA's got 2 words for you: "boo" and "hoo".

You Dark Side people (DSP) have really blown it since 2009.  Is it the flight of Maurice Fitzgibbons from our mortal coil?  Or that pouncing reflex on Beth Mason's wallet?

Face it DSPs,  you all fucked up.  You couldn't get you act together.

Ruben ran a professional campaign.  But, in hindsight had he tried a fusion ticket and stroked the egos of those who eventually ran against him, this may all have ended differently. 

Jumping in early did not guarantee Ruben's anointment, nor did it sit well with those numbskulls with egos bigger than carry-on luggage and bank accounts to match.  All those puffed up turkeys needed was an idiot at the top, and there he was- Tim Occhipinti. 

Tim's third ticket was the kiss of death to Ruben

Ruben, being hooked up with experienced people hired Swibinski.  It is GA's theory that the plot to  annhilate Tim came from Swibinski: a mole to mess with Tim, destroy him and his campaign, and a certain traitorous Mason operative was the 'eyes and ears' and protector of this MOLE.  GA wants to know WHO influenced Timmy to quit his job. Because it's November 6, he's not the mayor-elect and he's unemployed.

Further, Mason's traitorous trout ran such a filthy, dirty campaign that he managed to alienate the entire Russo clan and all of their allies with a midnight flyer calling Anthony Russo and his kin "criminals". One livid DSP told GA Tim's campaign "didn't have to go there."  And, some- not all, did not like the systematic defamation of Bhalla. Again, the handiwork of Mason's horrid haddock.

Another campaign succumbed to the Beth Mason Kiss of Death

Dark Siders, kick yourselves in the ass as many times as you like.  When are you going to listen to GA?  You want the money, you get the crazies, and her low-functioning, smear-merchant anchovy, who takes swings at EVERYONE even his friends. Ask Anthony Russo.

Timmy didn't lose SMALL, he lost BIG.  How big?

Tim got 2,255 votes.  The only municipal candidates that got  LESS votes than Tim are Brit Montgomery (2,157) and Patricia Waiters (645).  The only School Board candidates that got LESS votes than Timmy are Natalie Rivera (1,915) and Patricia Waiters (1,989).

Hoboken resoundingly said NO THANKS to Timmy.

And folks, they rejected Raia, too.  Raia is reported to have spent $150K on this race, but probably much more.  He spent a fortune for a SEVENTH PLACE finish.

Well, while Zimmer's peeps were celebrating, hugging, laughing, etc. what was happening at Tim's headquarters?

GA heard last night from a cop that a fight broke out and "four police cars" were called-- presumably  after results came in.  The implication was that it was between Ruben and Tim folks.

This morning a source told GA that the Calicchio brothers were involved, and the cops were called because one of those fighting had a gun on his person.

 Yikes. The bad blood between the two camps is very, very bad indeed.

The DSP needs to cleanse itself of Mason and her filthy operatives once and for all.  They are the Kiss of Death for any candidate.

To Ruben's credit, he comported himself with class and dignity last night.  He conceded early and called Zimmer to congratulate her.  Coincidentally, GA did election-challenging in the Fourth Ward- District 5 all day with his lovely and classy wife, and met his adorable kids.

That challenging experience was interesting- aside from Mrs. Ramos and myself, everyone there was paid $150 by Tim's campaign.

Oh yes, Zimmer SWEPT Marineview Plaza... oops, there goes Terry Castellano's base.   GA's got 2 words for Terry: "boo" and "hoo".  The first Ward is not 'safe harbor' for her any more. Welcome to the NHWO.

And the utter decimation of Tim and Ruben in the Hudson Tea Building show the bottom has dropped from Beth Mason's support in the 2nd Ward.  Was it the Peyton Manning letter?  The relentless persecution of Ravi Bhalla?  Or her failure to act on her constituents behalf on the Monarch project?  It's over for her.

GA will be getting the Ward/District information shortly, I hope.

One more thing: the answer to the question "how delusional were some in the Occhipinti campaign, believing that Tim was going to win?" is this: GA hears that One Hoboken campaign manager Jaime Cryan had barricades on hand to hold back the crowds after Tim was announced the winner.  

Oh, dear....

No barricades; Ravi speaks at last night's victory party


  1. a gun at tim's headquarters????? who???? someone should opra that police report.

  2. Isn't one of the inimitable (props to p1ywood) Caliccidiots a prison guard or something? But why he would need to carry a firearm to HQ on election night is unfathomable. Am pretty sure that being a John Cena groupie doesn't qualify for a carry permit.

  3. h411 still hasn't posted anything beyond the strict vote count, and the recent comments are simply mindblowing. what world do these people live in? they are practically calling "do-over!" with reinstated runoff and without timmy in the race. not even a pretense of objectivity, reminds me of sitting in a high school cafeteria. unbelievable.

  4. Hoboken people finally had enough of the old guard hudson county corrupt political nonsense and Zimmer's team represents a new way forward. I would agree that Ruben did run a respectable campaign and Hoboken prob hasn't heard the last of him. But for now, Zimmer rules. Good luck Dawn.


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