Them is Fightin' Words

So, did you all crack open your Hoboken Reporter yet?  I did.

Well folks, it looks like we've got a Hatfield-McCoy style feud raging on the Dark Side.

In the left corner, is Ruben 'Hatfield' Ramos, Jr., Mike Russo and their kin. and in the right corner, we've got Tim 'McCoy' Occhipinti, Beth Mason, Aqua Mole and her miscreants (the kind that photograph the flood damaged home of a Councilwoman and the 'not an operative' kind who brings her little boy to photograph a Kids First member's home)

Here are some of the quotes, first from Ruben 'Hatfield' Ramos:
 Ramos was gracious toward Zimmer, wishing her luck and pledging to remain in public service, but he railed against “political egos” when asked if he thought Occhipinti’s campaign hurt his chances of winning. “When a slate enters the race on the day of the filing deadline, it’s clear that no one is going to take you seriously,” said Ramos. “I think it was obvious that egos got in the way of a better Hoboken and I think people see that.” If Hoboken’s old law allowing runoff elections was still in place, this election would have been followed by another between only Ramos and Zimmer. But recently residents approved a referendum that changed the law. “[The Occhipinti] slate was enough to sway the vote,” said Ramos.
Timmy 'McCoy' Occhipinti fired back:
On Friday, Occhipinti blasted Ramos’ comments, arguing that many of his supporters wouldn’t have voted for the assemblyman anyway.“I know a lot of people that would have voted for Dawn or just stayed home, and more that wouldn’t have supported either candidate,” he said. “And we expanded the voter base by reaching out to young people, so to say that Ruben would have won if I hadn’t run is simply untrue.”
 Be careful Ruben, you don't want to get Tim mad!

WATCH OUT, Ruben ! 
And where does Frank Raia stand?

GA's got no idea, but hopefully he's given Mason an earful about her pickled herring who threw the campaign for Ruben, buried Raia in 7th Place, and wasted $150K of his loot. Along with that, Aqua Mole squandered his Boss' in-kind investment, so has lots of 'splainin' to do.

The 'word on the street' is that Frank is mad, mad, mad and people will not get paid, including moles.

In any case, the dynamic on the City Council will be very interesting. 

Ramos and Russo are furious at Tim, and probably his sponsor Mason.  Tim may never figure out how badly he's been played, and how Russo worked with Ramos to undermine his campaign- and Mason's own pickled herring orchestrated his downfall!

Terry Castellano endorsed the 17% man, and lost her own ward including Marineview Towers.  So she was extraordinarily subdued at the last City Council meeting, apparently in shock or the victim of a bad burrito.

left panel:  Theresa Castellano wears an abby-normal expression  after losing her Ward--  right panel:  Igor carries an abby- normal brain.
So will the Frightful Four recapture that mean mojo and squash every piece of legislation that requires a 6th vote?

Or will one of them decide to 'work' with Reform?

GA (and everyone else with eyeballs) sees that Franz Paetzhold is licking his chops for Beth Mason's seat.  Who else will pop up at Council meetings in anticipation of 2015?

In the meantime, we've got that blood-feud raging.  As the casualties pile up, we'll be cheering for a new and improved Dark Side.  One that doesn't try to wreck families and people's private sector employment. 

Hoboken politics may be crazy, but it's never boring.


  1. You have to give Michael Russo credit. He stayed consistent to his principles and allied with Ramos in the hopes of getting to that deal for the family with Vision 20/20.

    No way, no how was Mikie going to let him get in the way of his loot.

    Let the games begin!

  2. The best is yet to come and won't that be fine. :-)

  3. Please, no Franz Paetzhold.

    1. He will run (without any OG support after he went after Betty at the last CC meeting) but have enough of an effect (like last time) to let Betty slip in with the Applied votes from her ward. Unless the Tea Building comes out in full force and reform puts a very credible candidate

    2. Without Sandra Ramos working the Applied vote for Beth Mason she has no chance of being re-elected.

    3. Then Mason is DOA in the 2nd Ward in 2015.

  4. Where was Mikey at the last CC meeting? Strange. BTW, the Disreporter claims that Timbo issued a concession - when and where?

    1. Mikie was in Ramos HQ Tuesday night crunching numbers on the citywide disaster and reportedly in Florida far from the meeting the next day.

      Timmy gave a nod in the council meeting to "the victors" but made no public concession whatsoever to Mayor Zimmer. No one cares what he does now after the paltry 300 votes on the machines in his own ward. He's done.

      Everyone congratulate Beth Mason.

    2. Timmy called Zimmer on Wednesday.

      I'm not sure if he used his Fischer Price wireless or his Mattel Watch Me Dial land line.

  5. Ramos graciously handled his defeat to Zimmer; however, as a teacher he will give Tim O. some consequences for his undisciplined behavior. As for Raia, his rage towards Ramos has handed him a bad defeat. T.Castellano cannot think like a Russo and Mason deserves no comment.


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