The Sixth Vote

So, who's it gonna be?    Eenie meenie miney moe...

Today Mr./Ms. Vine suggested that Tim would be the logical Council minority flipper.  Noting that he's got no job, Vine posited "he cannot possibly function in a satisfactory manner on behalf of his constituents if he constantly has to worry about eating, holding on to this condo and just plain surviving.",  then suggested Zimmer could him him find a soft landing somewhere in Hudson County.  Hence, a quid pro quo, though in this case I'd call it a quid pro schmo.

GA's response to Mr./Mrs. Vine: have you ever known Tim to function in a satisfactory manner?   Either on behalf of his constituents or himself?

For that alone, I'd call the plan a non-starter. A CEO might find a job in the firm for his dunce-son, but a Reform mayor wouldn't foist a dunce upon an institution of government.  But, it is an interesting thought my mystery-comrade!

GA does concur the likely flipper would be Tim


Ruben's pals are lining up (and taking numbers) to shiv Tim in the back.

Mr. 17% comes off this election so damaged-- last place in his own Ward, his political career is OVER unless he works real, real hard to repair the public trust.  He must spend the next 2 years on the Council working his butt off for them. That means voting YES to bond for infrastructure improvements (like fixing potholes), YES new HOP buses to return the system up to capacity,  YES  to repairs that open parks and fix hurricane damage.  He must forget about photo-ops and freebies and using his campaign coffers like a petty cash fund.  He can only earn back the people's trust by doing their business, not his own (a.k.a. Bobble-head Theatre)

Timmy, you must do some soul-searching.  No, put your shoe down.  Not that sole.

GA has heard another name floated as the likely flipper: Mike Russo!

GA hears the Dark Side does not expect Zimmer to run for a third term and should Mike Russo decide to take a shot, he will need some (actual) successes under his belt.  Not imaginary ones like the Beth Mason "Council Minority reaches agreement with Buyer to Save Hoboken Hospital"

No, Russo will need real accomplishments to run on- positive ones.  So, some won't be surprised to see selective cooperation and a sixth vote from him.

Terry Castellano?  Does a broomstick change it's stripes?

Beth Mason?  No. She and her wallet have moved on to bigger stages. 


  1. This is shocking and unfair! You're saying Timbo doesn't draw a check for hanging around with, and even being SEEN with Mason? He does that for free? Why on earth would he do that for free? Doesn't he realize.......oh, never mind, I guess he doesn't.

  2. Your speculation on Mike Russo running for Mayor is not dealing with reality. Mike Russo can never become Mayor of Hoboken. He's too easy to destroy in a municipal election. If he is challenged by a decent candidate in the next council election he is going to be hard pressed to get reelected.

    1. I am not speculating, that wasn't opinion. I've heard he wants to be mayor. Reality is not a strong point on the Dark Side. You could float some of those egos in the Macy's parade.

      If you want to know my opinion, it would be fantastic if Russo ran- bloggers heaven! What a Pandora's box that would blow open.

      Hey, Marion Barry did it. He got caught on tape freebasing coke in an FBI sting, and after he got out of prison was elected to the D.C. Council, then ran for Mayor- and won. His campaign slogan was: "He May Not Be Perfect, But He's Perfect for D.C."

      Imagine the slogans we could come up with for Russo.

    2. The son of Anthony and Michele Russo will forever be tainted by crimes and corruption.

      Michael may think people will forget the past but that will never happen.

    3. Yes! All the more reason for him to run.

  3. the next mayor of Hoboken will be Ruben Ramos. this last election was designed to destroy challenges like Raia. Ramos will run against Time in two years, and will run a united ticket in four years with Russo backing him. That's the plan.

    1. Raia won't do better than 3rd no matter how many polls he has commissioned that may say otherwise.

    2. Unless Ramos gets rid of Occhipinti to get some exposure on City Council he will fade even further into obscurity.

      A recall would be hard and messy,

      A resignation encouraged by Occhipinti's previous backers is a real possibility.

  4. With a name like Ramos not a chance with ANY YUPPIES.

    Dream on.

  5. If Zimmer does not run, Ravi has the most ambition - it's in his DNA!... and it will make more history.


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