Mayoral Results Highlights!

Here are a few highlights from Hoboken's mayoral vote tabulations (readers welcome to chime in with more):
  • Ward 1-District 2: Marine View goes to Dawn Zimmer!  Buh-bye, Terry Castellano.  Leave your broom at the curb.
  • Ward 2-District 6: Landslide for Zimmer at the Hudson Tea Building!  The bottom dropped out for Beth Mason.  Was it her defamation juggernaut against Bhalla, a former 2nd Ward resident?  Or her opposition to support Tea Building opponents of the Monarch project?  Her general lack of decorum at the City Council toward her peers and City Directors and professionals?  Her law suit mania, not beginning nor ending with booting Jim Doyle off the Council which hamstrung Zoning and HHA Board appointments thus hurting our local economy?
  • Ward 4- Districts 1-7:  Occhipinti LOST every district in his own ward.  EVERY DISTRICT.  Yikes. Timmy will be gone in 2015, if not sooner.  Ruben will crush him, should he decide to run.


  1. why are there not provisional votes showing?


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