Mason Wears Sprinkles to Dessert Reception

Dessert reception host Beth Mason with Senate President Steve Sweeney 

ATLANTIC CITY - It was chest-thumping heaven for Senate President Steve Sweeney (D-3), a potential successor to Gov. Chris Christie. whose party last night backed up pedestrian traffic down the escalator and 100 deep at One Atlantic.

The event was a dessert party hosted by Hoboken Councilwoman Beth Mason who shocked guests by coming dressed as a dessert.

The Councilwoman's dessert-themed garb was the talk of the event.

Mason wore 'modesty' sprinkles on her chest, stood in a giant motorized parfait cup engineered to move on hidden wheels and wore a whipped cream chapeau topped by a huge Maraschino cherry.

Councilwoman Mason had several issues with her attire through-out the evening.

The sprinkles proved to be problematic when icing adhering  them to the sheer panel fabric began to run.  One Atlantic was asked to lower the thermostat down to 40 degrees to stop the sprinkle-migration and unscheduled nudie-show. 

Mason's dessert-themed garb also attracted flies.  At least a dozen large flies were observed laying eggs in Mason's sugary chapeau, and by the end of the evening, her head was covered with maggots.

None of this frightened away her new political friends who don't care that this dessert is nutty through and through.  

Last night's dessert party was the Councilman's her biggest foray to-date into New Jersey state politics.  She has thrown her support behind South Jersey's Steve Sweeney, and has already begun a rumor campaign in local media to tarnish Fulop's right-hand man Tom Bertoli.  Bertoli was just named #35 in PolickerNJ's 2013 Power List

Last June, the Councilwoman publicly announced her run for Senator Frank Lautenberg's seat before his respirator was unplugged.  Days later, Mason announced she had declined the pleadings of the many Democratic Party big-wigs who had been calling her, begging and pleading for her to run.

That's what she said. 

Councilwoman Beth Mason mourns NJ Senator Frank Lautenberg at his funeral last June.
The party was such a smashing success, next month Mason will host a breakfast for Sweeney, at Denny's in Galloway NJ, where she will be dressed as a Western omelet.

Her guests will not care, as long as she parks the Brinks Truck outside.


  1. Beth Mason is unelectable on her own.
    It appears she finally is understanding that fact.
    The only real option is to be appointed to or ride the coat tails of a Democratic political boss to a position to give her and exit strategy out of Hoboken.

    The clock is ticking on her Council seat.

    Mason is looking to buy and we will see if Sweeney or someone is looking to sell.

  2. If Mason does run in 15 I hope to see her opponent demand to know by name who the many Democratic Party big-wigs who had been calling her, begging and pleading for her to run were.

    Would love to see her squirm on that one


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