Mason Aiming for County Job?

Future Hudson County Director of Health and Human Services?

Did anyone see this comment on MSV:
Beth Mason is teaming with some healthcare provider to give free health screenings in JERSEY CITY!   Yes, a health fair and family planning clinic. 
Curious, no?  GA heard the same thing from a source.

And you may recall that the "Beth Mason Civic League" (yet another iteration of the charity's name) offered free health screenings for Hoboken residents on or about September 22-- coincidentally, a camera crew happened to be there (pure coincidence) to document this charitable act,and  coincidentally filmed and posted on HCTV. 

Pure coincidence!

Not to digress, but has anyone else noticed how the Mason charity goes under a variety of names?

GA believes tax-exempt charitable organizations are prohibited from using aliases.  I recall being told that by a money laundering investigator, and that aliases can sometimes be used as a  screen to confuse, distract,  obfuscate, provide cover from financial activities, the movement of money, and other activities one doesn't want seen or reported.  Of course, GA would never suggest the Masons would use so many iterations of their charity's name for such purposes.  Heavens, no.

So what is the legal name of Councilwoman Mason's charity

Only $10.8K?
It's the Mason Civic League, and they only reported contributions of $10,839.00 for 2011?

The IRS shows the Mason Civic League, Inc. filed 2011 Federal E-Postcard tax form, which can only be used for non-profits with gross receipts of less than $50,000.  Funny thing, there is no 2012 on the IRS e-Postcard database, which means for the 2012 tayear, Mason filed the brutal 12-page 990 long form.

Can you imagine what that return looks like?

Part VII, Section A: Officers, Directors, Trustees, Key Employees, and Highest Compensated Employees:  (1) Aqua Mole,  (2) a large, semi-domesticated baboon, (3) some administrative staff, (4) a father-son video-production crew, (5) a Nazi Truck driver,  (6) the guy who didn't hire the Nazi Truck driver *wink*, (7) the husband/wife stalking team of a City Councilwoman's flood-damaged house and  (8) assorted  'not-politicalpolitical operatives'...

Are Nazi Trucks tax-exempt contributions? Ask the Boy Scout.

The Mason Civic League Tax ID (EIN)  is 273134429. Wouldn't you love to see a copy of their 2012 federal return?

But I digress... what I started saying was there is a powerful County position, Director of Health and Human Services OPEN since the Department head, Carol Ann Wilson, was removed last October because of unspecified "complaints".

So, this Mason out-of-the-blue dabbling in free health services- in Hoboken and Jersey City, her desire for an powerful County position, and the vacancy of the Director tells GA that Mason has her eye on that seat.

Augie Torres wrote on October 11, 2013:
Carol Ann Wilson, director the Hudson County Department of Health and Human Services, has been placed on administrative leave with pay, county spokesman Jim Kennelly said yesterday.  Wilson, 70, was driven to her Hoboken home Wednesday after surrendering her county car and office keys, according to officials.

The department head was told she would be placed on leave while a probe into activities within her office were completed. County officials would not provide more information. The investigation was triggered by what sources called complaints about Wilson by county employees. Kennelly said the issues being investigated do not rise to the level of criminality, but he would not be specific, calling it an administrative matter.
"Complaints".  Hmmm.  

Mason may be burnishing her 'health-services resume' with this foray into free health services.   A new Director would be picked by the County Executive, and the Board of Freeholders votes for or against.  GA is told the Freeholders usually confirm the County Executive's pick.

In any case, GA will be delighted when Mason is gone from Hoboken civic life.

But does she have the skills, experience and competence to take such a huge job?

If she did get that appointment, how ironic; the one individual who worked harder than anyone else to kill the sale of Hoboken's only hospital, should become Hudson County Director of Health and Human Services.

It could happen.


  1. In last week's Hoboken Distorter, there was a blurb about a Mason-sponsored free health screening IN JERSEY CITY. Anyone reading it would think that this should be a mental health screening and she should be the first patient. It's clear she's casting about for relevance.

  2. Follow the money. If Mason gets that gig you'll see money going to the County Exec race, to the Freeholders wherever it needs to go.

    No cash, no trash.

  3. looks like Mason owns Hudson County TV now. Ricky's got a video too.

  4. Don't really care where Beth Mason goes as long as she gets the fuck out of Hoboken.
    A jail cell would be optimal and hell is the final destination but she's already there now. Looking at her in a meeting and it's clear she's a miserable bitch.

  5. Even after all of this time, I still LOVE the picture of Betty Boopless in her "fuck you to the hospital and its employees" nurse costume for the Halloweenie parade. And right by her side, as always, is Gumbillichio with his man boobs on display in all of their glory. Nothing tells the story of this wretched beast of a human being than the tone deafness of HER wearing that costume. Only a purely evil and narcissistic personality could be that idiotic and insensitive.

  6. The Gumby outfit always makes me giggle. Gumby is not supposed to be skin-tight, correct?

    1. Correct. Nor should Gumby require a training bra and Spanx.

    2. Gumby is skinny and has no boobs. I guess Beth couldn't come up with a more appropriate costume for Matt Calicchio.

      Be that as it may, I take great umbrage at Mason's possible coronation as Hudson County's Director of Health and Human Services. This woman has absolutely no qualifications for that job. In addition, based upon her deplorable conduct in attempting to Deep-6 the sale of HUMC, she exhibits a complete disregard for the health and well-being of those Hoboken residents who need to access the services of HUMC. Hopefully, the County Executive and Board of Freeholders have not been compromised in the past by Mason money so that Hoboken residents' comments concerning this nomination will be given the weight they deserve. Why can't this woman find a line of work that takes her out of the public eye? Her husband, Rickey, should know better.

  7. Mason has no interest in, or ability to perform as an actual job that would require actual work. The idea of her as a department head with real work responsibilities is almost as frightening as the of her as mayor. OK - not quite but you see my point. She needs to buy a job where her responsibilities consist of sending out press releases describing how great she is and how every one else sucks rand pose for photos with lots of make up..

    1. She doesn't need to work. That's what her people do- her work. Like get her email, read her email, go to meetings, dole out her money and skim off the top, overcharge her, give her money out to other people so they can feel like a player, write her talking points, smear her enemies on tv, the internet, facebook, YouTube, and like you say, write press releases. The people have a right to know! The people deserve better!

      The people! The people! Big people! Little people!

      Work is for little people.

  8. Don't shed a tear for Carol Wilson... Hudson Co HHS was not exactly run efficiently or effectively and is filled with people who got their jobs "through connections."

  9. Mrs. Richard Mason needs an exit strategy to enable her to save face before she fails her way out of office in Hoboken. She is un-electable and very much despised in the Mile Square city.

    Buying a big sounding County job title fits the bill.

    It is all about feeding the Mason ego.

    A story like this will not help her chances as those who sell political jobs don't like be seen as selling political jobs.

    1. This is the woman who announced to the world that, despite many pleas, she would not be running for Laughtenberg's seat.

      There is no end to the delusions she has in her head

    2. Maybe she can score a janitorial position at Florio Perrucci.

    3. She could just move to another town. A completely viable exit strategy involves a moving van and a desire by her to live in a home with a large yard where she can spend her days watching the grass grow.

    4. does she take finn boy in a fish bowl with her?

  10. mason work?

    never happen. she doesn't need the money.

    Now, on the other hand, ruben just lost a 45k position. Maybe an upgraded salary from his teaching position?

  11. Can you imagine the crew at Ricky's firm reading this stuff day after day? It has to be water cooler talk and absolute office gossip. GA - I bet you see their IP's every day.

    1. After having spent nearly 30 years working at various law firms I can say that Beth's ridiculous political antics are no doubt the subject of endless commentary and jokes among the associates at Ricky's firm..particularly those who don't care for Ricky.

    2. Visits from Wachtell? I used to get them often, but after this post:

      ...which linked to this Image:

      ...they STOPPED. Long story, but basically I busted him cold, caught him in a lie. Of course he can still come here without leaving tracks.

    3. If no one from Wachtell is coming here I would guess that means the firm blocked your site.

  12. Money is the name of the game!

  13. Anyone remember when Carmelo Garcia was Hoboken's Director of Health & Human Services?? He'll need a job soon. Can't be assemblyman and Director of HHA...


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