How Sweet It Is


GA will have more on Reform's historic sweep... stay tuned.


  1. Yes, Mayor Zimmer can now progress on an path to benefit all of Hoboken with a 5-4 majority on the city council. The people have spoken! As with the rent control, the public showing indicates that some refinement is necessary. Ravi has the experience in rent control to help guide the Mayor and Council to drafting modifications to make it better for all.


  3. Do we have the final tally on the No vote to save rent control? Also do you plan to list a tally sheet of districts & their votes? It would be interested to see.

    1. Here you go, its "'NO' by a slim margin with 97.5% reporting.

      Hoboken Public Question No. 1

      39/40 97.50%
      Vote Count Percent
      Yes 4,906 49.71%
      No 4,964 50.29%
      Total 9,870 100.00%

      I've requested the Ward/District counts, will post as soon as I get them.

    2. i concur with this great request

    3. The mind-blower is (in case you hadn't heard) Team Zimmer won Marineview Plaza... wow.

      GA chatted with the fellow who was instrumental in working Marine View from the inside, and thanked him profusely.

  4. Congrats to all Reform and particularly Ravi. I know that it is now time to focus on doing the work that our leaders were elected to do, but I must admit that I am so eager to see Mason get sued, Tim stare into space with no future and Terry plan her retirement.

  5. One of the funnier things is normally you see a vote drop off from the top of the ticket to the council candidates. But on Timmy's ticket, both Frank and Peter outpolled Timmy. And Timmy barely edged his ticket mate whose only involvment in town is as a "fitness enthusiast." What a disasterous election for him. I guess the only good thing that could be said is without his, Frank's, and Mason's egos, Ramos would have been a lot closer.

  6. Thank you very much, prosbus!


    Bob R

  7. Hoboken

    The best is yet to come
    and won't it be fine.

  8. So Mason footed the bill for Timmy and split the vote for Ramos. Knowing Mason, she'll spin it to make it sound like she did it for the Zimmer ticket, and that Dawn should THANK her!!! One thing Mason's not lacking in is Chutzpah!!!

    Mazel Tov to the Zimmer ticket!!!

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