H411 calls Mason Care Packages "Thanksgiving Props"

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Photogenic turkeys?

Well folks, GA hopes you-all had a terrific Thanksgiving.  I did; the first one ever with latkes. Props to my sis, who made delicious sweet potato and 'plain' potato latkes... yum yummy! 

Speaking of props, GA was startled to see the Perry Klaussen attack on Beth Mason's Thanksgiving mitzvah.   For you goyim or heretics out there, a 'mitzvah' is “ a deliberate act which brings us closer to the presence of God,” or “something we choose to do, because we believe God wants us to do it.”  In other words, a good deed.

It appears the Mason Civic League (MCL) purchased 400 "care packages" for distribution to the HHA and Hoboken Homeless Shelter.  According to the least-trafficked, cyber ghost-town411,  the packages contained ingredients to prepare a Thanksgiving meal: veggies, sweet potatoes, corn bread, turkeys... items to "use to make their dinners".  Very nice!

So why did Klaussen attack the MSL's donations to the needy?  Yes, he did.

He called them "Thanksgiving props."


Look, it's not like they were delivered to Mason HQ, lined up in neat rows 8 deep for the length of the gallery and photographed at every angle then published on her personal Facebook Page and on the cyber-graveyard411!

Oh, they were...?

Strike a pose, turkeys.

Wow... do you think Google Satellite has an aerial view of them, too?

These are famous turkeys...  

Mr. Butterball, may I have your autograph?

Mr. Butterball does not like to be looked at in the gizzards.

I understand the local media was apprised of their arrival, in fact I believe the Mason Civic League Marching Band provided the soundtrack to the photo-documentation of the mitzvah, which certainly brought the giver, Ms. Mason, a few rungs closer to the presence of God.  Though I have to think, every time she underwrites a lawsuit, smears a member of our community or buys slanted coverage in our Fourth Estate, God pushes her off the ladder.

GA supposes such well-documented acts of kindness as the 400 labeled, perfectly-aligned, professionally photographed care packages published on Facebook and on cyber-cemetery411 are another grasp at the ladder to reach God.

That, or a political career.

Mitzvah with labels.


  1. Uneffing believable act of hypocrisy and self aggrandizement. Look at ME! look at ME providing those poor ole folks in the projects. Look at ME, aren't I wonderful. Look at ME and my beautiful tasteful labels to make sure the damn well know who gave them this crappy bag of "vittles". Look at ME stand around and have y picture taken with me lovely lines up bags. Look at ME as I do not bring the bags to anyone who may not be able to get to the "Distribution Center" Look at ME as I demonstrate my ability to "deliver deliverables". Look at ME as I desperately try and salvage my political career. Look at ME as I demonstrate to everyone how I became the most despised political figure n Hoboken (which is a feat given the competition).

  2. He's giving her props, not calling them props. But that is what they are. Props. She's a fool.

  3. look at me, look at me!! if there's no proof of my charitable giving, i'm gonna say it didn't happen. wait, what? never mind, look at me!! ricky, sent the driver over to get me the hell outta here, i've got southern nj politicos to shmooze!

  4. Raia is running neck-in-neck with her as the most despised - "The Word on the Street".

    1. How do you look at your self in the mirror after ordering someone to desgin you a label, print the label and peel & stick the label on to groceries you intend to give people who may not even have food on Thanksgiving. Even if you have no pride, at least let them keep THEIRS! They should not have to bow down and kiss your feet because you tossed some of your crumbs at them on a holiday. For a PIC?! Who ARE you??? What have you become??

  5. She doesn't care what you think. She knows hunrgy people will take food and most likely say thanks with a vote when she runs for something other than 2nd Ward.

    She certianly has learned from the best. It appears the student may soon beat the masters?

  6. We should hope there were no perishables in those bags as they were hanging around the floor of "Mason Civic" since at least Tuesday night. With this little gesture, she does have all the bags covered though:

    Gift Bag
    Old Bag
    It's In The Bag
    Douche Bag
    Money Bags
    Carpet Bagger
    Under-Eye Bags
    (White) Trash Bag
    Meth Bag (made locally)

    And all of our soon to be favorite: Left Holding the Bag

    Then there is the other term often used, "sack":

    Lying Sack
    Sad Sack
    Sack of Shit
    Got Sacked


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