Earwitness News: "They're dumb people"

Mo' money, mo' money', mo' money!

An Earwitness has reported that losing mayoral candidate, Tim Occhipinti has gone to Frank Raia with a tin cup.  Yup, Timmy's asked Frank for mo' money Not for himself.  Timmy has asked for more cash for One Hoboken's Director of Communications, Amanda Palasciano.


According to GA's earwitness  Tim has told Frank she deserves mo' because of  the "great work" she did for the campaign.

How much loot does he want?  GA doesn't know but heard Tim asked for "a lot."

That. man. has. balls. simply huge. #17%

Reportedly the campaign had originally agreed to pay their Director of Communications $10K for 10 weeks. 
On top of that nice sum, Tim is asking for more (for her).  Maybe for this?

 Holy MOLEy!

Speaking of moles... earwitnesses tell GA that Tim's people don't believe that 'Finboy' Barracato is/was a Ramos mole.


Yet the One Hoboken campaign believed (alleged) poll results delivered by the treacherous tuna showing Tim in the lead!  Yep, apparently the campaign bought fake poll results.  GA hears the campaign fully expected a victory.  Can you imagine?  My earwitness said, "They can't believe he got 17%"GA told you how Jamie Cryan had obtained barricades for  the HQ  to hold back the crowds after Tim's victory was announced!  Yes, Cryan believed the fake poll.  This was the exact same scam pulled on the Mason people in 2009; they had smoke blown up their asses about polling showing Mason ahead...

In fact, GA got this from someone on Mason's 2009 campaign:
Can't tell you how closely Tim's campaign parallels what came out after Beth's campaign for Mayor 4-years ago. Exact same tricks; money spent on stuff that never saw the light of day, nasty flyers that got blamed on everyone else; the attack on Ravi. The parallels between Beth's campaign and Tim's are endless.
WHO worked on BOTH Timmy's campaign (2013) and Mason's (2009)? 

Aqua Mole!

GA was told this amazing tidbit: Mason's pickled herring was spreading news about the number of Cammarano absentee ballots found under a table at the Hudson County Board of Election office before the news became public and before the ballots were counted.


Ask yourself: how would the fish filet engaged by Beth Mason (the Councilwoman endorsed Zimmer over Cammarano in the runoff)  know about this?

Only a Cammarano guy/gal would have know, which raises the question: how long has this fish has been playing both sides?

Well, it's clear Tim's people, who don't believe any of this, are a bunch of suckers.  And that's why we call them the 17%ers and why we call Frank #7.


Speaking of Frank, will he grant Tim's request forI more cash?

GA hears that Frank is "just starting to realize" that something was amiss in his campaign.  Just starting?

GA is told that boxes and boxes of unopened campaign literature were removed from the One Hoboken's HQ and left at the corner of the street for garbage pickup.  Frank might as well have flushed his money down the crapper.

Frank, take a look at your fishy 'fluffer'; the guy who got you all hot and heavy and ready for victory.

Jeez, how could such a successful businessman let himself be tapped like a beer keg by this crew.  I asked my Earwitness that question.

He/she replied, "They're dumb people."


  1. So what you're saying here is that Finn Boy has run fake campaigns before, acting as a mole for the Russos and others, even betraying Beth in her effort to become mayor. How far does this double dealing go back? And why hasn't anyone caught onto this before? And is he simply taking Beth's money and pretending to do her bidding?

    1. Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes. HHHmmmm, the funny little penguin looking guy somehow came into enough scratch to buy his own little bar that he think will become the political hotspot of Hudson County, the mythical Ted & Joe's in WEEEEEEhawken. I go there frequently and often post. The place is hilarious, specially since it was acquired with the double crossing scratch from Betty Boopless (2x) and the Poopster and Timbo (oops, Timmy didn't have any money to contribute).

  2. Ugh, The. Amanda. Teets. Are. Nauseating. But Ithink we may have a new nick name for Timbo - HIMBO! It would appear that Himbo is really rocking GuacaMole's world and is a real warrior between the sheets. Uh oh, I have to go vomit.


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