Earwitness News: The Secret Meetings

Wow, GA just got an earful!

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GA is the earwitness, from notes:
'Finboy'Barracato was meeting secretly at least weekly with Mark Albiez throughout the campaign.
GA: Who is Mark Albiez? 
Albiez is Mayor Stack's Chief of Staff and the architect of the Ramos campaign.  Albiez is Ramos' top guy, he's the brain trust behind Ramos.  Albiez convinced Ramos to run, and he put together the mayoral ticket for Ramos.  Real smart guy. Albiez is the most important guy in the Ramos campaign.  He designed it, made it happen.  He is a hugely powerful and influential political player, the key, more important than any of the players, more than Russo.  He built the Ramos campaign from the ground up. 

Finboy was meeting with Albiez and with Swibinski But he was meeting with Albiez regularly, at least once a week if not more.  From the very beginning of the campaign.  He tried to get Beth on board but she wouldn't go with Ramos, she wanted her pet Tim. 

Frank was going to run independent.  Beth insisted on putting together the third ticket so that Tim could run for mayor. That was all Beth. Otherwise Frank would have run alone. 

Beth insisted on the third ticket. She insisted on running Timmy. So Finboy went along but continued to meet with Albiez, Swibinski and Russo.   

Finboy did Russo's bidding and Ramos bidding with Beth's checkbook against her interest.  He was playing both sides, but was on the Ramos side.

He was there to destroy the campaign. They hired a press person who didn't do press- what was done was destructive. They printed literature they didn't give away. The stuff they did give out is so terrible it doesn't tell basic voting information. I think there's 25 boxes of school board literature they didn't give away. They had innocuous twitters about the campaign, nothing serious. Did you know Tim is "amazing"? The midnight flyer got put out because they got heat for only attacking Ravi.  Only whoever did it went over the top and attacked the old man.  You don't do that. 

Ramos people don't understand the TV ad that went after him. Why only him?

Finboy made sure that Raia got bled. They wasted tremendous amounts of money, all Raia's. Beth only contributed in-kind stuff.  

This campaign was designed to fail.  It was supposed to stop Raia and allow Occhipinti people to take heat for going after Ravi. And maybe damage Zimmer.

The campaign got enough to votes to stop Ramos, and Ramos came off looking better by default.

Cryan is going to be the fall guy- not Finboy.  He's getting most of the blame for the Occhipinti campaign.  He'll get blamed for it all, not Finboy.  Cryan was a 'true believer' in Tim up to the end. He's simply not competent. But Cryan is protected by a number of very powerful people. And they want to run him in the future.

Finboy will escape blame. He'll pretend he was out-of-the-loop,he was only there part time. Finboy is a master at putting blame on other people. He convinced Beth that Bertoli gave her money to the Russos last year when it was him.  Beth believed Finboy.   Beth screwed over Fulop in Jersey City and now there is a blood feud between Fulop and Mason. As long as Finboy has control of the checkbook he will be around.
Wow!  That was quite an earful.  I asked about whether Tim had been persuaded to quit his job, but the source didn't know.

GA thinks that's a significant point because if the dummy was pumped up to quit his job, when he has no money and owes half a condo to his former roommate, then it proves to ME this plot was not just political but designed to grind him to powder.

As much as GA has criticized Tim, I believe convincing the dope to quit his job (if true) is the kind of evil that buys you a one-way ticket to Satan's Grill Room.   Even dopes have to earn a living.



  1. it's hard to feel badly for raia, he's a grownup and should have known better and picked up on what was going on. is he too trusting? or just blinded by his own political ambitions/pipe dreams?

    1. Ego. This is all about ego. Tim got deluded because others pumped up his ego to think he is actually a prime time player, when he's not. Raia thinks he's more powerful than he is, and when someone told him he's not, he figured he could spend his way into proving them wrong. and found himself the victim of a pack of Hucksters who were willing to spend his money for him and give him nothing in return.

  2. I'm sure MinnowBoy thinks he's very clever, but it's hard to imagine how a person can live with themselves when their livelihood is built upon lying, deceit and personal attacks/destruction. Let's face it, it's what he does day in, day out. Can you imagine living your life that way? Doesn't he feel pretty hollow? What a waste.

    1. Are you talking about Ron Simoncini?

  3. I heard everyone is so pissed at Beth that they are turning away from her. I don't think her money can help her fix this.

  4. Anon Fuck off. Name one example of his lying deceit or personal attack or destruction. You have to be one of the army of non deserving asshats that think they are entitled to subsidies monthly from my pocket. You want to get nasty, douche bag, bring it.

    1. Are you Serious, Khoboken? Finn Boy's whole life is lying, deceiving and attacking people's reputation. For him it is what he does best, a real artist.

    2. He should go to Weight watcher then play politics.

  5. My post was directed at the nasty crack about Ron. Of course that fish turd is a fucking a hole douche bag that deserves all the shit that i know is already raining down on him because on this post. he has no future in Hudson County. He will be lucky to hold onto that dive bar he got by grifting Mason and Raia.

  6. GA. This post kills that shark chum off. He is DOA in Hudson County. Have no faith that he can bullshit his way out of this one. BTW, a friend who know way more than I do told me that the whole switch form Rube to Carmelo as assemblyman and Ruben running as Mayor was part and parcel of the plan to stuff Vision 20/20 down the throats of Hoboken residents. Maybe you can put those pieces together. I heard that when Momma Russo was looking for a job, she got the cold shoulder from the County. They smiled at her and nodded their heads, but there was simply no way she was getting ANY job at the county level. She then turned to Stack, and as Vision 20/20 was being planned, she allegedly promised to assist Ruben become Mayor, solidify Carmelo's base and ensure that all would enjoy the riches of the last big land grab in Hoboken. So Stack gave her the no show job, and the wheels started to turn to make 20/20 a reality. Even down to a coordinated campaign theme. In the end, however, Stack is stuck with a no show Momma Russo, Carmelo about to bet bounced from the HHA, no Ruben at City Hall, and a snow ball's chance in hell that he will be able to tap any 20/20 money to pay off hi million dollar campaign debt. Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of clowns. And Finboy was a t the center, stirring the pot, hoping to get a job on the State payroll with Garcia and sticking his greedy little flippers into the pot of 20/20 money. LOSERS!

    1. Khoboken, you know more than most people and I would love to know more about other even more ruthless antics Finn Boy was up to -- his walk on the dark side with very, very unsavory people.


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