Chaos and Betrayal at Tim's HQ- UPDATED

Wow.  All hell has broken loose in Camp Occhipinti.

First, a source tells GA it was a furious Nick Calicchio that stormed into Occhipinti Headquarters last night and began fighting with Tim's people. Calicchio is bosom buddies with Ruben Ramos and blamed Ramos' loss on Tim's campaign.  As mentioned earlier, 4 police cars showed up to subdue him. Calicchio works as a corrections officer; GA was told he was armed at the time.

Next, sources close to  Frank are convinced that Beth Mason's political operative 'Finboy' is a "spy" and that he "threw the election".

One source cited the fact that Barracato got NO street workers either prior to election day or on election day.  ZERO.  According to the source, some weeks ago, the campaign was offered street workers, but the fibbing fish refused the offer of street help, saying the campaign would take care of it.   But he didn't.

And a campaign WITHOUT a street presence to get out the vote?  We know the sneaky snail-eater has corralled street workers on other campaigns in Hoboken - remember those ads on Craig's List for the Move Forward campaign?

Why didn't he get street workers for Timmy in a mayoral election?   At a measly $10/hour. 

The source also complained that Finboy "wasted money" and "threw money away on everything".  One example were expensive palm cards allegedly ordered in greater number than the population of Hoboken, but with no workers to hand them out they were never distributed.  Another example of waste was Finboy's alleged insistence on outfitting the HQ with computers that no one used.

Supposedly Frank's friends had tried to warn him his campaign was being driven into the ground by those charged with running it, but Raia "wouldn't hear it".

Is 'Number 7' ready to hear it now?  

In GA's opinion, the failure to hire street workers is a smoking gun. 

Put the frigging pieces together Frank.  You've been had.

The source noted that Occhipinti enraged many with these words last night, "I want to thank Amanda for what a wonderful campaign she did..."

"wonderful campaign"

Update-6:10 PM

Sources just added that additional "wasteful" expenses were cartons of School Board brochures that were never handed out.  Why not?

As noted, Tim's campaign did not hire street workers.

Although Frank Raia is reported to have put at least $150,000 of his own money into the campaign, and Beth Mason has given a undetermined in-kind contribution ( television show, ad campaign, Facebook and YouTube ads)... Raia's campaign had PLENTY of money to pay street workers, an army in fact.  Didn't Frank ask Barracato or Cryan why their flyers were sitting in boxes and not being handed out?  That the campaign had NO street army? 

 GA was also told the One Hoboken campaign is the proud owner of cartons of DOG BISCUITS.  Yep.  

The campaign couldn't spare cash for street workers to hand out lit they paid for, but had cash for dog biscuits? 

GA also heard that Tim DID expect to win and had planned to hold his victory party at Texas Arizona.


  1. Frank is the biggest fool in Hoboken, He will never learn.His own friend played him the last election too. Frank do something positive and stop the bad billing the NHSA does.

  2. Tim looked like he shrunk in his chair. his head was down, maybe reading his coloring book. Where was Russo? He ducked another one.

  3. They did hire one street-worker, (as campaign manager), but alas, she did not perform. Now she must find a different corner.

  4. No street workers and boxes of unused lit? No wonder the feds were in town. Good luck trying to explain what people did for their $50 if that was the case.

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  6. the strategy was no workers, buy votes, attack Bhalla.

  7. the strategy MAY have been to hire "ethnic locals" enlisted to talk Occhipinti up with their friends and neighbors. But without 1. accountability and 2. really caring about Occhipinti, I can imagine they might not have been motivated to do a bang-up job.

    I'm just guessing, given that they didn't do anything else, and they're paying people for, well, something!

    1. If that was the strategy, it was a secret from everyone, including the "ethnic locals".

      Cartons of lit sit undistributed. A ground game takes planning,strategy and finally implementation. None observed. Negative ads and vote-buying appear to be it.

      But the accoutrements of a campaign: an office, a staff, computers, lit, are all there.

      Call it a 'dummy-campaign' similar to a 'dummy' door knob- the door knob looks real, but it doesn't turn or open any door. It's simply cosmetic. Tim's campaign LOOKED real, but was a 'dummy', and with a real dummy at the head of the ticket went un-noticed.

      If this isn't sabotage, tell me what it. Frank was taken to the cleaners.


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