Wedding Bells for Paul and Allen!

GA is overjoyed that at last, our gay brothers and sisters have the right to suffer like everyone else in holy wedded matrimony.    It is absurd that this most fundamental right, to select one's spouse, has been denied them for so long.

GA is thrilled that Mayor Zimmer presided over Hoboken's first gay wedding yesterday, and now all the rest of you gay people can charge the gates to make your unions legal, finally.  

Two men whom I admire and adore, who've chosen to spend their lives together can FINALLY tie the knot- where they live.  Their story made the AP and was published on the national news site Huffington Post.

This devoted couple is tying the knot this Thursday, WOO-HOO!  Mazeltov, fellas.  (And put your shoes on before you crush the glass)

From Huffpo:

Among those seeking their licenses Saturday morning were Hoboken residents Paul Somerville and Allen Kratz, who have been together since 1985. They were previously married in Oregon in 2004, only to have the union nullified by the state's supreme court. They also have been part of a domestic partnership in 2006 and a civil union in 2008, both through the city of Hoboken.

The couple said they will receive their license on Tuesday and plan to wed Thursday in a private ceremony. Kratz told The Jersey Journal that it's wonderful to be able to marry his longtime partner.

"Civil rights always come too early for those in a comfortable position of power and never soon enough for those who have been denied life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness," Kratz said.


  1. Wishing Paul and Allen a long and happy marriage!

  2. Congrats Paul and Allen!!!

  3. This is wonderful news! Paul and Allen are among Hoboken's nicest and most civic-minded residents.


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