Tim-Raia Slate Targets Bars with Gift Bags

A GA reader sent me this:

(Timmy) Occhipinti went to (redacted) bar today and handed out treat bags with his ticket on it. It's pretty disgusting to ply barflies with goodies to get their vote.  I am disgusted and refuse to touch my treat bag.  Okay,  I took a few things out.  Maybe five.  Possibly nine.  Here is a photo:

Disgraceful!  Yesterday it was day cares!  Who will be targeted next?


  1. You forgot to include Timmy's favorite S&M information. Adding in basic S&M information Timmy wants out there so when he "chokes them out," they can give the tap signal.

    Of course Timmy will ignore any tap signal. He's a nasty prick.


  2. On Sunday, he was giving out loom packets to kids who passed by.

  3. Somebody must has dumped a load of money on the Occhipinti campaign. Mason ? Raia ? ? ?

    They had another attack mailer out today and had a table full of give away stuff out on Washington Street. One problem is the thuggish looking crew the have working the street.

  4. Okay, so timmy's girl friend and PR person has one thing on her mind. What better way to throw the election away by throwing away all old hoboken religious people. Obviously, sex and booze are a big part of their campaign. But we already knew that, didn't we?

  5. Gross! Were condoms in the daycare gift bags? And dog biscuits? BrittnAy loves doggies. Oh wait, she is on the other team right? Or no? I don't know who is who they are all just so dopey. Who's on this ticket again? Oh, who cares. Zimmer Team baby!

    1. No, Anon I hear the daycare bags were G-rated.


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