Tim Jokes about Eli's Brain Injury to his Brother

Folks, GA wasn't going to touch this one.

I don't need to, because the incivility, poor taste and disrespect of the 'Peyton Letter' will haunt 'One Hoboken'  until election day.  

As you know, the letter to Denver Bronco QB Peyton Manning was signed by Tim Occhipinti, Frank Raia, Peter Biancamano and Brit Montgomery.  Its publication on Monday was timed to piss on the fundraiser Hoboken resident and Giants QB Eli Manning and wife Abby were hosting at the Madison that night.  For Dawn Zimmer.

 Here are some gems from One Hoboken's letter:
We are not sure whether it’s the 14 sacks he has endured that made his off the field political decision-making questionable –or if the 9 interceptions and 2 fumbles this year show that he is making questionable decisions on and off the field.What we do know is that concentrating on football alone could help our team get back on track. 
Pretty funny, huh?  

Joking to a guy that his brother sustained a brain injury or else just plain sucks.  Yeah, I'll bet Peyton was doubled over laughing.   

Ho, ho...  my kid bro's got a brain injury!  Hilarious!   Can you One Hoboken guys throw in some broken vertebra?

Then sour grapes turn to whine: 
As the wiser, more productive, older brother, please talk to Eli. Please remind baby brother that four more years of no parking, flooding issues, bloated administration salaries and budgetary mismanagement are not what Hoboken needs...  Let him know that 0-4 quarterback’s get involved in politics. Winning quarterbacks stick with what is happening on the field.
And winning politicians act like grownups, not whiney jealous adolescents.
What we do know is that concentrating on football alone could help our team get back on track.
For anyone following the Peyton Place that One Hoboken has become, the Peyton Letter is a masterpiece of irony.

Because Tim's new girlfriend, formerly with The Hoboken Reporter, is One Hoboken's Communications Director and presumably the author of this politically tone-deaf stinker.  

So in fact, one could say Tim's 'Fumble'- the offensive Peyton Letter - is the result of the candidate "not concentrating on politics."

Which is the folly of quitting his full-time job to "campaign".  If this is the campaign he is running, he should have kept his job.

Shooting darts at the beloved Manning family,  campaigning on restoring a drunk-fest when your campaign treasurer famously starred in a hit-and-run drunk driving incident, letting a candidate's personal life become a public distraction... not smart.  GA hears talk about Ruben Ramos moving into second.

That makes sense.

Candidates that promise  Hoboken to "END DIVISIVENESS" then try to DIVIDE THE MANNING BROTHERS are not worth anyone's vote.


  1. Amen. What a nasty letter. Who's managing that campaign?

  2. Think Jamie Cryan is the campaign manager. Not sure who can manage Timmy's penis which also doubles as Timmy's brain.

  3. Wouldn't it be amazing if Peyton responded with a slap-in-the-face letter to timmy?

    1. Yes. A friend who knows the family said if One Hoboken released the letter a few days earlier, Peyton would have joined his brother at the fundraiser.

    2. Now THAT I would have paid for. . .two amazing quarterbacks in one room to watch football with you? HOLY MOLY!!!!!!

    3. Beyond football the Manning family is insipring.

      If you get the chance to see The Book Of Manning it is the story of a family dynamics we all aspire to.

  4. The Mannings are such nice people and they love Hoboken. They also love views of New York unobstructed by the proposed Monarch project. It wouldn't surprise me if Abby and Eli supported a reform council candidate in 2015.

  5. I bet POOPIE BOY put him up to it.


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