The Timmy and Beth Show!

Phew, GA switched to FIOS just in the nick of time...   

Look who's coming to Cablevision!

That's right, it appears that Beth Mason is the smiling hostess of a new local access program called Hoboken Today!  Hey, who is that sitting in 'The Guest Chair'?

Tim Occhipinti!   Pretty fortuitous for him, since he will be on Hoboken's ballot next month.  

sneak peek

Hoboken Today may not be a new series but an infomercial for Occhipinti's campaign; a generous in-kind contribution from Beth Mason to One Hoboken.  Or, could it be a test drive for a new career as television hostess when the Councilwoman's term ends in 2015?

Whatever it is, GA thinks it's a brilliant idea; many will watch and it gets a second life online. 

Well, Tim was so grateful to Mrs. Mason that he penned her a Thank-You note.  And guess who he sent it to?

Thank you, Tim Occhipinti for this GA exclusive:


  1. oh man... I can't wait to watch this (I'm on cablevision) haven't thrown popcorn at the screen in years. Just got word on Tim's "performance" at the Hudson Reporter Mayoral debate and am spreading the word on my side of the fence over here. Not that I had to convince anyone that this guy is the lowest form of imbecile in the first place, but it's lovely to add another exclamation point!!

    1. Oh IndieCom surely you jest. Or perhaps you enjoy torturing folks who are dying to see real true-to-life comedy.

      Timmy as utter buffoon - news at 11:00. Thank you very much IndieCom.
      But is that news? Let's go to the videotape! No editing Hudson Reporter!!

  2. I bet Bet got tens of viewers.

  3. From the HR site:

    The third candidate, Assemblyman Ruben Ramos, said the measure should not be on the ballot. He placed the blame on the Zimmer administration, saying better governing could have found a compromise between tenants and landlords long before a referendum was necessary.

    Given that this was in place when Ruben and his political allies were running city hall, why didn't they have the good governing to fix the issue ahead of time. Ruben's attempt to run as an outsider is only a problem because he was and always will be an insider. Of course, if he instead picked a position which allowed him not to pick sides, but still seem like he could run things better...

    1. So the wishy-washy dunce says "YES" to decontrol with a "zero-tolerance" policy toward landlord abuses against rent control tenants.

      Yeah, RIGHT, HOW does Timmy plan to keep tenants safe... he's a shill for developers and property owners.

      So he's going to police his political campaign donors? How does Timmy plan to enforce this "zero-tolerance" policy? Let me guess: it's a honor system. He'll tell landlords: Do the right thing, will ya? *WINK* *WINK*

    2. Shill for BIG developers only......MSTA doesn't support property owners, unless they own hundreds of units in town. Yup, it's NJ Transit, MSTA, etc. who else ya' planning on representing, Tim? Certainly not the majority of residents in Hoboken. Did I say majority? Like when the people vote and the majority wins in an election. Guess he doesn't believe in democratic elections either - just whatever his backers can buy or steal.

  4. you give timmy too much credit. he couldn't write such an intelligent letter.


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