Tapping His Campaign

Last week, Tim and Frank's campaign hit the skids.

The Peyton Place of the Occhipinti campaign went public and Tim's personal relationship with his Communications Director, Amanda Palasciano (AP), grew from a whisper to a full-fledged distraction. Add to that the dreadful Peyton Letter, presumably penned by Palasciano, which had some in the campaign defending her and blaming manager Jamie Cryan.  According to sources, one of them was the scaly, truth-challenged political operative James Barracato.  Barracato emerged to defend Palasciano, attack Cryan, and deny any knowledge of the campaign's plan to issue the Peyton Letter.

Oh really?  Not according to a source who'd read Palasciano's email draft of the Peyton Letter prior to it's release.

Guess WHO was on the distribution?   James Barracato. 

Guess who wasn't?  Frank Raia.   (Does Frank have a computer?)

The dysfunction and feuding within the Occhipinti campaign seems to be far from over.  A meeting  called last Thursday was so contentious, sources say some were shouting at each other.  One agenda item which sparked the outrage was the inequitable compensation of campaign staff.

GA has heard from multiple sources the problem lies with Occhipinti's demand for a $10,000 payment to his Communications Director for his 10-week campaign.  Allegedly the agreement was to under-report the $1,000/ week payment on ELECs, and only show $250 of that amount.  Why?  To avoid questions about a disproportionately large payment to one campaign member?  Allegedly the $10,000 total was approved by Raia, but when word got out to others being paid far less, well... all hell broke loose. 

To boot, some say that Occhipinti had gone back to request  more money, on top of the $10K.

Supposedly, Thursday's meeting resolved this matter, ending up with the $1,000/week down-sized to $250/week.  But sources tell GA this 'agreement' was merely to pacify angry campaign members noting the $1,000/week will be paid.

All this is interesting, but raises serious questions for voters.

Occhipinti is asking us to put him in charge of the City's $100,000,000 budget.  So what do we know about his competence as a financial manager?  My first question would be:

Why is Occhipinti making large financial demands on his campaign? 

GA believes the answer lies in poor-decision making with respect to his own finances.

In 2012,  Occhipinti bought a $285K condo with his then-girlfriend.  According to sources, she had paid the lion's share of the down-payment for the 1-bedroom because Tim had little savings.  On or about September 1, 2013 she moved out.  Due to her savings tied up in the condo, she was forced out of Hoboken to live in a cheaper city.   Sources say Tim had agreed to procure a mortgage in order to refinance and buy out her share of the property .  But within days of her leaving, (her personal belongings and valuables were still in the apartment), Ms. Palasciano moved in and Tim quit his job at Alliance Bernstein.  Without his job and without savings, Tim cannot qualify for a mortgage, thus he is unable to buy out the co-owner's share of the condo.

What a DOOFUS!

Quitting his job "to campaign" while he had a legal and financial obligation to procure a mortgage and purchase co-owned property shows Occhipinti to be hapless and hopeless when it comes to management of finances.

Sources say as a result of quitting his job, the co-owner of the condo was driven to hire an attorney to enforce the sale of their apartment.  GA agrees the sale of the condo is the only option for the jobless dunce.  Sources say this is headed to court unless he does the honorable thing.  Until then, Tim is a 'squatter' in co-owned property which he cannot buy because he quit his job, and living large with his  'roommate'.  

And this guy thinks he can manage a City with a $100,000,000 budget?
What a MESS.  Let's recap.  A young man with little personal savings QUITS HIS JOB  which means he cannot meet his financial and legal obligations with respect to buying out co-owned property.  What does he do?

Takes on a roommate and demands his campaign pay her exorbitantly while other campaign workers are paid a fraction. Whether romantically 'involved' or not with his roommate is immaterial.

The issue for voters is Tim Occhipinti's maturity and judgment with respect to his legal and financial responsibilities; these  attest to his fitness to be mayor.

Voters must ask:

Do you trust someone so reckless with his own finances to be mayor of Hoboken in charge of a $100,000,000 budget?

I don't.

The questionable decisions Occhipinti has made with respect to his own finances should create deep, deep concerns for voters.  

GA notes that Tim Occhipinti is tapping his 2013 mayoral campaign in same manner he tapped his 2015 municipal campaign account.   Tim seems to show a pattern of using campaign funds to subsidize his expenses.  Indeed, Occhipinti has drained his 2015 municipal campaign war chest 2 years in advance of his race.

Frank's Gift to Hoboken
Timmy's poor decisions as a City Councilman , his lack of understanding city budgets,  have in fact damaged Hoboken's financial health.

For example, Tim's 'NO' vote on a cost-free hospital garage bond refinance.

That NO' vote cost Hoboken taxpayers $4.5 million dollars--- which came out of our budget surplus.

And his running mate, Frank Raia, is a businessman- how could he endorse this reckless disregard for taxpayer money?  Neither Tim nor Frank seem to understand the City's need to maintain a minimum 10% surplus for such unanticipated emergencies like Hurricane Sandy or infrastructure repairs.

Voters must consider Occhipinti's financial management skills as well as his poor decision-making as a City Council legislator. Do voters believe he is ready to be Hoboken's Chief Executive?

What about Frank Raia?

Clearly, Raia endorses Tim's abysmal voting record on the City Council because he PICKED him for the top of his ticket.  Remember, Raia is the one who foisted Tim upon us in the first place by his vote-farming operation in the 4th Ward.

GA urges you to RE-ELECT ZIMMER and vote for her AT-LARGE SLATE.


  1. Well, well, well, the sleaze bag has come home to roost. What a mind-blowing effing douchebag and financially idiotic and irresponsible sleaze bag. So let me get this straight. Timmy did not have enough scratch to buy his own 1 bedroom (age 32/33) and had his ex front the cash deposit. Then they break up, HE stays in the unit, moves in Spongetta while the sheets are still warm, quits his job, cant buy the ex out as promised and then hits up the campaign for cash, disguised as a salary to Spongetta, the "Communications Director". DOUCHEBAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The idiot has no place in politics and he should wear a label on his forehead (Danger: Douche Bag Boyfriend - Proceed at Your Own Risk:"), or perhaps on the bald spot.

    1. I've heard about you Khoboken and you are one vile bitch. You have no right to judge me or Timmy. I'm worth every cent and then some that's why Timmy is fighting for my raise.

      No one can live in Hoboken for less then 50K and as you well know Timmy is out of work. I'm not going to give him my money. He'll just land up having to turn it over to his ex. No way.

      Maybe I'll reconsider but Timmy has to promise no campaign meetings in the apartment. I don't want Brit back in here. She keeps flaunting she's in better shape than I am. Doesn't she know I once was an LA Hostess? Leave Timmy alone Brit! Only I can mold him into something the NJ electorate loves. You can only teach him math. That's not going to get him anywhere.

      "Some girls they're so pure Some girls so corrupt"

    2. AA

      "I've heard about you Khoboken and you are one vile bitch."

      Why thank you.

  2. As a friend to some of the people (not all) involved in this story, there are definitely skewed details. The comm girl does not live with Timmy, I know this for a fact. She lives in Hudson Tea. I believe Timmy and the ex went Splitsville a long time ago but did not say anything. Cryan did write the letter and was proud of it. The rest, money, etc., I can't speak to.

    1. Recall hearing something about the Tea Building and the comm chick. How does she go from no money leaving a fiance to moving into the Tea Building?

      Or did the Mason money add up?

    2. I don't suppose debating over sordid personal details is helpful to those whom you know. And I don't care to say more out of respect for those who lead truly private lives.

      The facts of a candidate's irresponsible behavior with respect to the proceeding with the buy out of co-owned property is the issue and whether this person has the wisdom and maturity to manage our $100M budget.

      That is the only issue that voters care about.

    3. Anon - Bullshit. Live in the 4th Ward and I have eyes, not 20/20, but can see things that happen right in front of me. But GA is right, its not about Spongetta (and who in the hell would she be sponging off of at the Tea Building?), but Timmy's complete and utter lack of judgment and fiscal responsibility. Traits which he has amply demonstrated while on the CC. BTW, Fin Boy is Cryin' your garbage about authorship. Deflection, deflection, deflection. His fin prints are all over that one. Plenty of blame to go around on that one.

    4. She works as a content director in NY, doubt she has no money. Sources say the $10K is false.

    5. Going from the HR isn't going to be any miraculous leap in salary.
      Which sources say the 10K for about two months of communications work is false?

      Latest number is it's going up to 15K or more. What does "Spongetta" have on them? Call Bet and have an emergency check cut. Or the mole/aarvardk starts signing.

    6. A.

      Sources KNOW it is real.

    7. mason gets played again. james b blows smoke up her ass w fake poll numbers. watch the checks roll. wait until bethy finds out where her moneys gone this time.

      to the love shack,
      the love shack is a little old place
      where we can get together
      love shack, baby
      love shack, baby, love shack
      love baby, that's where it's at

  3. Forget to mention, I am told that Tim's apt has been under surveillance by the Ramos campaign, for weeks. I don't doubt this involves some photography though I do not know that for a fact.

    THAT is how dirty it's gotten between the two campaigns.

    1. Now who affiliated with the Ramos Gang thinks that they have skillz as an investilicchio?

    2. Now why would a campaign put surveillance on a candidate apartment?
      Who or what were they looking for exactly?

    3. Maybe trying to find someone who likes guacaMOLE?

    4. Tea building is very diverse - as for teams, Zimmer has a good solid team, and there is no team effort against her. Don't really need any 'timgate' stories - his season's over - just like he Yankees and our Giants.- but he is still a councilman.....Raia in a wildcard choice.

    5. ha...ask former jersey city mayor healy about what can happen when political opponents stake out your house: http://newjersey.news12.com/news/nude-photo-of-jersey-city-mayor-jerry-healy-sparks-election-controversy-1.5210363

    6. Have to love the floperatives coming over here to try and post/spin their way out of the unmitigated disaster that their joke of a campaign has become. Good luck getting any floperative gig in the future. What a Cryan Shame that the Tuna Turd has failed yet again.

    7. There's nothing to spin. Frank and Beth are the warmest, kindest Humanitarians I've ever known and Timmy is all heart for Hoboken. He really deserves the job of mayor. He was making 75K and with his council salary just getting by but he really deserves a raise to 115K as mayor.

      I will then become the Public Information Officer for Hoboken so don't need another job.

      Khoboken you are truly a horrid woman. When Timmy becomes mayor all of you will be silenced as his first Executive Order!

      "Some girls they're so pure Some girls so corrupt"

  4. It is no secret that Timmy is not too swift but that is what made him useful to the old guard.

    He is too dumb and his ego has become so inflated to understand what a pathetic joke he has become.

    Those behind the Ramos will make sure Tim understands he will be held responsible for his actions.

    1. I understand that Mason and Raia think that their village idiot can actually win. Shades of the time when Betty Boopless came in a distant third after being repeatedly reassured by her clueless floperatives that she had it all sown up. She cracked up then, what is she going to do this time around? And what the eff is up with Frank? This is the most ridiculous campaign ever in Hoboken. He has shown atrocious judgement from the word go.

  5. Wait so the Ramos campaign was keeping surveillance on its mole? Wow.

  6. Whys he still living there? Dude should have moved and they could be renting the place out until it sells. maybe they'd even split a small profit. Doesn't seem right to me. Even if she offered to leave hes with some chick in their place and she has to leave town? Wtf? Dude has no class.

  7. When he loses, he is still a councilman.....

    1. ...until he loses in 2015.

    2. I hope you're going to help make that come true!

  8. As a long-time resident I wishes I new far less about all these evil people from Ruben Ramos to Beth Mason and now to Tim Occhipinti. However, we can't be blindsided and just assume the Reform Team is going to win. That's just too optimistic. Most people in Hoboken don't vote. Of those who do some are informed and will vote for Dawn & her team, some are paid especially in the 4th, and some others will just go with the candidate with the slickest campaign flyer.

  9. Mayor Zimmer and her entire slate must win in order to bring about the positive changes need in Hoboken and that will take getting the reform minded voters to the polls in November.

    The finish line is in sight let's win this thing.


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