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The itsy bitsy spider....

What the heck is going on with Tim Occhipinti?   

GA loves puzzles; I admit this one has me stumped.

It may have started a couple of months back.  That's when a spider from the Ramos camp lured  Jamie Cryan out for a drink and began wrapping him in silk.  The spider was foiled when just in the nick of time, Cryan was rescued from it's bite.

Why dispatch a creepy crawler to devour poor Jamie 

GA can only guess the scheme was to discourage a third ticket.  To no avail...

In early September Occhipinti announced his ticket, crushing Ruben's chances of toppling Zimmer. Worse, a third place finish would effectively end his political career.   Ramos went ballistic.

Payback time for Tim?

If another spider were dispatched, it would have to be under deep cover and not a known spider.

No, the next one would have to slip under the bug-zapper. 

Mind you, GA hates insects, but I like spiders (because they devour pests).  Not that I know any personally, but I'll thank any arachnid who devours a big Hoboken pest.  And no, I never look a gift horse (or a Ramos) in the mouth.

Anyway, curious times over here at GA.

 Timmy at Monroe St. Fair with Comm Dir. Amanda Palasciano
It seems my posts about Ramos moles in the Occhipinti campaign posted on September 26 and 27 set off Timmy's communications director,  Amanda Palasciano.

In a series of angry Tweets, she called Reform blogs "slanderous" "liars" "cyber-bullies", and suggested the mayor should shut us down.  (Note she omitted Hoboken411 and the racist, homophobic, misogynist rantings of her campaign's Ravi Ravioli)

As a friend says "Nothing good comes out of Twitter".

This is a case in point.

GA didn't name anyone in particular.  I wrote what I'd been hearing- take it or leave it- without involving anyone in by name.  Hence this gal's Twitter-fit, in response to posts about moles, seemed to be a 'tell' of sorts.

To me, anyway.

Anyway, we swapped unpleasant Tweets, and then she blocked me. And probably you, too.

I don't like Twitter, or any social media in fact.

Anyway, the gist I got from my unpleasant exchange with her is that any mention of working for Ruben Ramos is kryptonite.


I don't support Ruben, but he seems pleasant enough.  What's "slanderous" about working for him?   Pretty disproportionately hostile reaction, no?  



  1. Amanda needs to realize that she has already become much more detrimental to her bosses than helping them with her juvenile whining.

  2. Sounds like a typical OG crybaby knucklehead, one (very slight) step up from Branco and Leibler.

  3. Sounds like a Mata Hari situation. Did she ever seduce a doofus?

    1. Jamie's LamentOctober 1, 2013 at 1:07 PM

      What if your friend who is the focus of your aspirations is the doofus but thinks he's traded up to a black widow?

  4. Jamie's Crying TimeOctober 1, 2013 at 1:49 PM

    The Itsy Bitsy Black Widow Spider went up the water spout
    Down down down
    Down came the rain and washed poor BW out
    Out out out
    Out came the sun and dried up all the rain
    And the Black Widow Spider went up the spout again

    Excuse me, excuse me, excuse me!
    What about the Incy Doofus Timmy?
    Oh, who Doofus Timy?
    I'm the Doofus stuck in Black Widow's web!
    I didn't mean to forget about you Doofus Timmy
    Let’s sing it again!
    Yippee!! Yahoo!!

  5. Why is the face of the guy in the middle blurred out?

    1. I didn't have to. I've no idea who the guy is, not sure he wants to be on my blog, that's all. Though the pic is public domain, on Facebook.

  6. the itsy sexy spider
    crawled up from rubens camp
    made a beeline for the doofus
    who dumped his gf for the tramp
    the doofus quit his job
    and lost his bid for mayor
    the spider dumped the doofus
    cause he wasn't a big enough player.

  7. Did this Amanda lady write the letter to Peyton Manning that was in Patch? I know the family. If they hear about it it will piss them off. The person on the Occhipinti campaign who let that go out should be fired. I believe Jamie Cryan is running the campaign. Did Frank Raia really think this was funny?

  8. Since TIMMAY bought the condo with the gf (check the tax records) What happens to it now? Does he buy her out of the love shack? Pretty sure she wants nothing to do with the place. And no self respecting woman I know would want to jump right into the sheets that were still warm from the old gf (but we are talking about the guacaMOLE loving hoe bag AP). Does Timmy sell the place after he loses he election and AP dumps his greasy ass? He is such a colossal douche bag.. bet he goes back to living with roomies behind the liquor store on Monroe.


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