What's missing?

GA had heard about a new One Hoboken flyer so awful that some are whispering about sabotage from within the campaign.

What does this mean?

A flyer written, designed and (presumably) approved by the campaign is such a communications misfire, there's talk it may actually hurt Frank Raia.  One complaint seems to be the bio made Raia sound too "pro-development" (remember, he's trying to poach votes from Ravi Bhalla), and so poorly-done it must have been intentional.

GA hadn't seen the flyer, so a friendly Dark-Sider sent it to me.

My reaction: oh, dear.  Somebody open a window.

The flyer was written like a newspaper article- big blocks of text with captions- and not a political  communications tool.  In fact, it is so overstuffed with text GA doubts many will read it.  And that's a good thing.  The amateurish, fluff-filled pablum contains promises like One Hoboken will "Stop the Flooding" which I understand Moses tried with little success.  Perhaps a quartet of benevolent humanitarians have a pipeline to the Almighty. Or else, a weather machine.

Substance aside, graphics aside, the most fundamental information any political flyer should contain is missing: date of the election, polling times, candidate's identity and position sought on the cover page.  On this flyer, the 'H' logo looms over the candidates names like it's ready to bite them.

Okay, so what does this all mean?  A shitty flyer was approved for publication with essential information missing.  Did anyone show the flyer to Frank Raia?  Did anyone show the nationally-acclaimed Peyton Letter to Frank Raia?

"No" and "No"?

It seems that Raia is being used like an ATM for a gaggle of worthless and untalented individuals, some whom are making a rumored $1,000 a week.

And I suppose millionaire Raia doesn't mind-- unless he discovers  their ineptitude is hurting him, like in issuing a dopey flyer that doesn't tell voters when to vote.

And this all feeds into what some believe is a sabotage strategy by Ruben Ramos.  Sabotage from the inside.

What do you think?

A Peyton Letter which Raia never sees making the One Hoboken ticket a national joke?

A shitty flyer which paints Raia as a hardcore pro-development, developer when the campaign should be wooing reformers away from Ravi Bhalla?  Did Frank approve?

The reaction to GA's suggestion that particular members of the One Hoboken campaign  may have worked for Ruben Ramos was met with such a virulent over-reaction... very curious.  In fact, I was Tweeted a litigation threat and a retraction was requested, which I did.  Now why did the notion of working for Ruben Ramos elicit a retraction request?  Strange.

Later, GA's comparison of One Hoboken to The Producers, seemed to rile others. The analogy was that like the Mel Brooks classic comedy, Frank was being milked like a cow by the campaign architects in the act of producing a FLOP. 

Too close to the truth for some?  

Indeed, a FLOP it is. The messaging so awful it made national headlines.  Now this dreadful flyer.  As money allegedly flows from Frank's pockets.

Who cares, really.  It's just a riddle: is the campaign just inept or is the ineptitude sabotage directed from outside to others inside?

Wake up, Frank!

Does Raia know what's going on?


  1. Frank Raia: "Combining guttural instinct with risk willingness..." Who the hell wrote this?

    Moreover, though the slate calls itself "One Hoboken" and states right from the get-go that they will "represent all the people of our great city" and "there is no such thing as an "old Hoboken" and a "new Hoboken", they make sure to offer up their BnR cred.

    Raia: "Having spent 62 years in the city of Hoboken, being both born and raised..."
    Biancamano: " a lifelong resident of Hoboken..."
    Montgomery-Cook: "...has a long legacy in Hoboken that precedes her. Her paternal great grandparents...married at OLG and began a family here in Hoboken. Her grandfather...was born right on 6th Street"

    1. haaa! perhaps frank's instincts truly are of "harsh grating quality".

      i have a guttural feeling someone is being played for the fool. wake up, pupie! or not.

  2. While it is always hilarious to see Timmy at the mast-head of a flyer, the real issue here is defeating Raia. Ravi needs the support of all pro-reform residents in Hoboken. If you have never commented on blogs or spoken to a friend about how they are voting, now is the time. This is my first comment here and I plan on many more. I also plan on speaking to my friends and neighbors about what they want for Hoboken. I think they will all agree that a Zimmer lead Hoboken and reform minded council is right up their alley. PS Many thanks to GA and Horse for casting such a bright light on the OG, you have been an integral part of a paradigm shift in this city. Kudos!!

    1. right on, go for it. thanks. (and never mind ANON @8:40)

    2. Thank you, Kevin D. Agree 100%. It's all about electing Ravi, Dave and Jim.

  3. paradigm? You sound like the idiot that wrote the flyer

    1. A @8:40 Unnecessary and not cool.

    2. Anon @ 8:40 AM. Kevin D did not sound like an idiot, but sadly you do for insulting him.

  4. from auggie torres in today's

    "-- After the Hoboken municipal election, look for Assemblyman Ruben Ramos to go after Tim Occhipinti's council seat and, unless Frank Raia gets on the City Council in November, look for Raia to target Michael Russo's council seat. The animosity is getting that bad."

  5. GA

    I have to agree that the flyer is so bad that it can only have been done intentionally. A freshman at a junior college with aspirations to be student body president and get a degree from UVA and then have a career as a help desk jockey at a marginal Wall Street firm with a side gig as the booblehead idiot of the local city council, would have done a better job. Ooops? But I just described Timbo. So, even with all of his educational pedigree and vast private sector experience Bobble Boy must have had a hand in this hot mess. Maybe in collaboration with Spongetta over a cheap bottle of chianti. That must be it, the flyer is the collision of the non-creative and limited minds of two star struck "roomies", each with an agenda of their own which has nothing to do with producing useful campaign material to win the election.

    1. Language on Timmy is clearly the work of Spongetta. She thinks Timmy has heart. Well if you don't have brains, you have to at least say there's some positive alternative.

      Rooting for Spongetta when this spiraling down the crap hole campaign is over.
      Here's to the fembot Spongetta, show Timmy what happens to a loser who doesn't deliver for you.

      We know you can (will) do it girlfriend!

  6. The reason the flyer is so shitty is for one of two reasons: (1) Frank has beaten so many consultants for money he can't find a decent one to do his campaign (2) the flyer was produced by Amanda, Timmy's squeeze and overpaid (even $1 in this case would be the threshold) new found political consultant.

  7. Stop giving them advice on how to run a good campaign. Let them continue to put out crap and waste money.

    1. I understand your sentiments, but don't believe this crew could find their arses with a flashlight and a map.

  8. so I glimpsed at their flyer and the one thing that stuck our to me is that Peter is a lifelong resident................really? let's see you are 26 years old and your family moved to Wallington in 2001 I am not a rocket scientist but basic Math gives me the tender old age of 14 when Peter left Hoboken.

    Oh I guess he could have been living in the basement of the deli all by himself.........I hope someone calls him out for this one.


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