Midnight Flyers! Russo Endorsement! BoE Campaign Gets Nazi Truck Team $$$$!

 What an exciting morning! Starting with... midnight flyers!

Soluble midnight flyer
Look at that.

The Occhipinti campaign finally took a swing at Ramos.

Too little, too late?

Let's start with too little.

As midnight flyers go, this was an anemic effort.  Half-assed and half-hearted, done more to say "see, we did attack him" than to do damage. (Not like the one which blanketed Hoboken last year starring yours truly.)  No, this midnight flyer was done by the same crew that will line up for jobs in a Ramos administration,  palms out.

This effort looks to me like it was done to calm Mason's ruffled feathers; GA hears her telephone poll shows Tim so far behind Ramos, he's not even a blip.

Those in the Occhipinti camp playing footsie with Ramos did their jobs a little too well.

These midnight flyers were scattered rag-tag, on random utility poles. One here, another there  None on windshields, none left at or near home entrances or mailboxes.  Furthermore, the fine print at the bottom tells you:
Printed on an organic water-soluble substrate using water-soluble non-toxic inks.  This message will dissolve in the rain forming a slurry that does not block the sewers or adversely effect plant and animal life.
Dissolves in the rain. 

What is tomorrow's forecast?  RAIN. 

See what I mean?  This was not a serious effort; it was done the cheap to impress the money-people (Raia and Mason) that "we did it".  Such a "water-soluble" effort is more circumstantial proof that those running the Occhipinti campaign are working for Ruben and milking the campaign with this melts-in-the-rain flyer.

As for "too late", well... that remains to be seen, doesn't it?

Non-soluble  Russo endorsement 
Meanwhile, a reader sent me Councilman Mike Russo's "official endorsement" of Ruben Ramos and his Vision for Hoboken At-Large slate, Joe Mindak, Laura Miani and Eduardo Gonzales. It had come in the mail with a flyer for the Better Schools Now slate.

So it's official!

Now GA isn't sure if Michael Russo's endorsement letter melts in the rain or is printed in water soluble ink, but I bet if you dropped it in the toilet to soak, it wouldn't get stuck in the pipe after you flushed it down.

Finally, GA received this from another reader:

The last page of the 2013 Q2 ELEC filing for "Moving Forward" (Vazquez, Oland, Markevitch) shows a closing balance of $4425.50

The first page of the 2013 R29 WLWC filing for "One Hoboken Moving Forward" (Gilbarty, Rivera) shows funds transferred from prior campaign of $4425.50 with a note "see Moving Forward Committee of 2012"

Non-soluble Nazi Truck delivers 2012 campaign cash to 2013 'One Hoboken Moving Forward'

Hmmm... anything technically 'wrong' with that Nazi Truck campaign's delivery of $4,425.00?  Campaign cash is fungible, as they say.  Anybody know?

Frank Raia, One Hoboken candidate was Treasurer of the ill-fated Move Forward campaign that attacked a Hoboken mom/activist/blogger with a Nazi Truck (and a Horse).

Well, GA is reminded of that Move Forward campaign was supposed to return $6,616.50 to Councilwoman Beth Mason's political action committee for violating Hoboken's Pay-to-Play ordinance.  From the paper formerly known as The Hoboken Reporter, now The Beth Mason Reporter:
School board slate told to return campaign donation to Mason committee 

HOBOKEN -- The city of Hoboken ruled last week that campaign contributions by Councilwoman Beth Mason to Board of Education election ticket Move Forward have to be returned within 30 days.City Clerk Jim Farina wrote to the treasurer of Friends of Beth Mason, saying that the $7,116 contribution from her political action committee last month exceeded the municipal code limit of $500 from political action committees in local elections. The ordinance was passed in mid 2011, according to a statement from city attorney Mellissa Longo.
Did that money get returned?  Or did a Nazi Truck deliver it to Frank Raia's One Hoboken Moving Forward BoE slate?


  1. interesting, the two biggest things on the flyer are the nice big pic and the declaration "We can let Ruben Ramos bring back the corruption of the past"
    Of course they can..they will...watch them! One 20/20 Vision of Hoboken to Move Forward.

  2. Um, yeah, no kidding...shouldn't that read "We CAN'T let Ruben Ramos bring back the corruption of the past"??? AP the communications queen must have handled proofreading on this flyer.

    1. Yes, it should. That campaign is like a circular firing squad.

    2. The 'CAN' had to be deliberate. *wink* *wink*

  3. You can't transfer funds from someone else's prior campaign. The funds should have been listed as a contribution. Not surprisingly, the contribution violates Hoboken's anti-wheeling law that limits contributions from a committee to $500 par candidate - in this case $1,000 since there are 2 candidates in the joint committee.

    Re the midnight flyer - I suspect that finboy actually thinks that Ramos/Russo will think the flyers were Zimmer's, especially since he'll tell them that and of course they'll believe him because he's just so persuasive.

    The idea is to sucker the Ramos/Russos into going ballistic against Zimmer for attacking "the family" instead of focusing on the ongoing war with Raia. If the Pupster can get the lions share of OG votes and suppress newcomer turnout by inciting a rash of nastiness he might be able to sneak in.

    The question is will Russo fall for it? Zimmer has never used midnight flyers and never would but Russo is so committed to believing that reformers are no better than they are so he just might fall for it. That said, I seriously doubt he will. This has finboy written all over it.

    1. Russo's not stupid. It's the typical Mason smear flyer..call xxx-xxxx and tell XXXXXX you want this to stop.

      Has her signature all over it.

      though I must say- nice touch with the "green" paper.

      No shock that they are violating elec and local ordinances. This is SOP for them. No one will file a complaint so they'll get away with it as always.

    2. "
      The Nazi truck asks the public to call up and tell Da Horsey to remove the images of "hatred and bigotry."

  4. FYI: The disgraced mayor likes to exercise on the treadmills at NYSC downtown. Always have to resist the urge to get up in his face.

    I remember when Mayor Russo would just stand out in front of city hall in his expensive suites (more than a special ed teacher should be able to afford) wearing some really tacky gold framed sunglasses...just waiting for people to come up and pay him homage. An out of towner I was with once commented "Who is that peacock just strutting around?" I unfortunately had to say "our mayor."

  5. Next they'll put a stack of these outside of zimmer's house and claim she printed them up from home.

  6. This continues the fake campaign waged by Tim and his pathetic little group, making a show of doing something, even pretending they are anti Ruben, while doing it all as a big con job to collect Beth and Raia money. This is all about how to rip off the rich folks. Everybody is feeding off them. Let's see if love that started the campaign will actually go on after Tim loses and the money train runs out.

  7. The expiration on that kind of love is the last paycheck.

  8. The fat lady has sung her song...the party's over...divided you fall.......

  9. did anyone see occipinti's latest mailer, it says that HBOE spends $30,000 per student and that is more than an education at Notre Dame cost. Really, according to US News and World Report N.D. costs more than $44,000. Does he know if he's running for mayor or BOE? He has a picture of a current board member on there, who did let this go out with incorrect information!. Also, it doesn't explain that the entire budget includes 4 separate school districts and state funded abbott

  10. The HBOE spends about 20k per pupil and is below the abbot average for spending. This is a 20% reduction in cost per pupil. Ifyou strip away the costs related to special needs/abbot and title 1 funding, the base cost per pupil is about 12.3k per pupil.

    He may as well have put 70k or 100k.


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