Mason's October FLOP

Put that thing on, Perry!

Jeez, and I thought it was real.

You know, when Perry B. told the City Council to "Watch your animal", I thought he meant the opossom napping on his head. Someone had to explain later that the "animal" was the only non-white guy sitting up on the dais, who by the way does not resemble an animal nor would I ever mistake him for one, not even in pitch darkness.

Perry's "animal" is Ravi Bhalla.

Whether or not you know it, Bhalla is the designated pinata of both Ramos and Occhipinti camps.  It's the one thing they seem to agree on, that Ravi's the 'weak' one, the Reformer Frank Raia can beat. 

The mistake they're making, of course, is in buying their own hype.

Dark-Siders actually believe the crap they peddle on Hoboken411.  They believe Mason's push-poll, (push polls are notoriously unreliable) that may suggest Ravi is damaged goods.  

GA thinks they've got it all wrong.   

Bhalla is very well-liked, highly respected and his performance on the Council has been impressive.   When he was Council President, GA loved how he cut off the grandstanding, theatrics and other insufferable MORT bloviations that stretched 3-hour meetings into all-nighters.  Ravi controlled the meetings, moved them along. He was excellent; a very strong leader.

I believe targeting Bhalla is simply old-fashioned bigotry.  He's viewed as 'weak' because he is 'different'; a turban-wearing Sikh with brownish skin.  He is called an "animal" and heckled: "Go back where you came from".   

Now they (the Dark Side) have really amped it up, going after his livelihood and his employer.  A dark strategy appealing to dark hearts, bigots and fools.  And that's the wrong demographic to beat Zimmer or to make a DENT in Ravi's appeal.

In fact, Mason's October Surprise'- attempting to put a libelous resolution on the City Council agenda- is already backfiring.  As predicted, Mason leaked her resolution to who published it along with (more) libel and threats. One such threat was to report Corporation Counsel Longo to the Hudson County Prosecutor's office.  Why?  Longo had issued an advisory memo to Council members. (Longo works for the City, and in her role to advise and protect the City's interests, made a strong recommendation NOT to put the Mason resolution on the meeting agenda because of its potential to trigger litigation against us)

Ever the rich spoiled brat (with more than a handful of undiagnosed personality disorders and a gaggle of leeches) Mason threw a fit.   Hence, the Hoboken411 shitstorm, raining on Bhalla, Florio Perrucci, Mellissa Longo, the Mayor, etc.  Check out  Mason's quote:
"The public has an absolute right to know all of the circumstances as to how a Councilman suddenly became partners with a major City vendor,” stated Councilwoman Mason. “Councilman Bhalla has a history of (horse shit redacted), so I expected the Mayor, Mr. Bhalla and their Council allies to do anything in their power to stop this discussion. But this time they have gone too far. The people of Hoboken have made it loud and clear that they are tired of politicians in City Hall using their offices for their own benefit, rather than the benefit of our community.”
That's a preview to the  nonsense we can expect at Thursday's meeting.

But Mason's 'October Surprise' has been hobbled, and on Thursday, it will arrive on a gurney on life support.  Because the  ultimate goal of this 'October Surprise' is a splashy feature in The Hudson Reporter,  to be picked up by other local media, right before the election.  

GA doubts that outcome, unless The Hudson Reporter thinks its worth litigating a fight they will lose against parties whose reputations and business relations would be damaged by the publication of libelous statements.

So, if you see beads of perspiration on the foreheads of Beth Mason, Frank Raia, Terry Castellano, Mike Russo, Tim Occhipinti, or Jamie Cryan that's what you call FLOP-sweat.


  1. Vote today - Use your rights. Vote in Nov. for Hoboken's future....the judgement really comes after the election when all can be more precise....Vote your choice!

  2. Screw you Grafix Avenger, the benevolent humanitarians of the Mason One Hoboken Team already got our story up in the Hudson Reporter.

    They didn't even counter our argument at ALL! Cunningham tried to spell out how we were wrong but the HR didn't even spell out the obvious so we've already won! We're gong to get more coverage there no matter what happens because Beth and Frank give them benevolent and humanitarian support.

    Hoboken411 is writing whatever Beth tells them to and no one can say otherwise. That's the way we like it!

    So chew on that.

    "Some girls they're so pure Some girls so corrupt" I'm not pure but I'm winning!

  3. Interesting tidbit- Indians are considered of the caucasoid race. Their features and bone structure are the same as Europeans, Northern Africans and other "whites". Their skin color is slightly more pigmented, but they're caucasian. So eat that, racist peeps!

    1. Yep. As are a vast majority of self-identfied "Hispanics" throughout the world, though skin pigmentation varies.

      Memories of Babs Bush calling son Jeb's kids "little brown ones" cause their Mom was a Latina.

    2. Of course Hispanics are of the caucasoid race. Hence the question of white non-Hispanic or white (implying Hispanic). There are only 3 races: caucasoid, negroid and mongoloid.

  4. you called Raia a '"reformer" -- shame on you. The only thing he reformed was conventional wisdom (e.g. instead of a birthday party for his wife or son, he throws a public one every year for himself.) He doesn't pay his campaign bills, but it doesn't stop him from running for office. He tried to "reform" the North Hudson Sewerage Authority's procurement practices by getting them to hire his personal insurance broker. For that he received editorial criticism. Money can't buy you love, Frank, and it won't buy you a public office.

    1. You're kidding, right? I wrote:

      "It's the one thing they seem to agree on, that Ravi's the 'weak' one, the Reformer Frank Raia can beat."

      ...meaning Dark-Siders believe that RAVI is the REFORMER that Raia can beat.

      Pardon if that was sentence was awkwardly crafted. The day I call Raia a Reformer is the day I hang it up.


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