Mason TANTRUM at City Hall Over Foiled Smear on Bhalla?

Darn, it's so annoying when the "help" doesn't play ball.  

Sources report a livid Beth Mason pitched a fit in City Hall last Friday afternoon.  Folks say her  shrill nails-on-chalkboard shrieks pierced more than a handful of eardrums as she demanded to know... what exactly?

Here is what sources tell GA.

Mason submitted a 'resolution' for next Thursday's Council meeting agenda to the City Clerk.  GA hears that Mason's 'resolution' was a poorly-drafted, libelous political attack on Ravi Bhalla and his employer Florio Perruci, co-sponsored by Terry Castellano.

Sources say the resolution appears coordinated with recent attacks on Bhalla in the Hoboken Reporter.  In fact, the HR's editorial bias against Bhalla has been so blatant GA would not be surprised if the Councilman holds it's publishers liable for damages to his reputation and livelihood.

(What ails The Hoboken Reporter these days?  Spider bites on managerial erogenous zones?)

One can imagine Mason's vile plot:
  1. The Ravi-attack resolution appears on the October 17 City Council agenda 
  2. Next, the Ravi-attack resolution is published on Hoboken411, where Mason's libelous smears are laundered on an as-needed basis.
  3. The Ravi-attack resolution is the 'main event' at Thursday's pre-election Council meeting, complete with staged theatrics by Tim Occhipinti, Mike Russo, Beth Mason and Terry Castellano, scripted soundbites, and pyrotechnics created for media consumption. 
  4. The Hoboken Reporter chimes in with a PRE- ELECTION splashy story rehashing the libelous content of the Ravi resolution as though it had more merit than the used toilet paper it is.   The Hoboken Reporter will lovingly reprint the manufactured outrage ofTim Occhipinti, Beth Mason, Mike Russo and Terry Castellano with slanted captions, bold-faced quotes, colluding with them to DAMAGE Ravi Bhalla prior to the election, and help candidate Frank Raia eke out a win.
We've seen this movie over and over again.

Colluding with the local media, feeding them lies, garbage and falsified 'evidence' is what Beth Mason does.  Recall how GA killed The Hoboken Reporter hit piece on Reform blogs by exposing that Mason operative James Barracato had Photoshopped  a screenshot from my blog to appear as though I'd written about 'Nazi gas chambers'.   The paper never gave me (or Horsey) an apology.

Mason and Barracato gave his doctored photo-shop 'GasChamberHeader.pdf' to the HR for a hit piece on GABarracato doctored a screenshot of GA's post about the HUMC then pitched it to the HR as a story about Nazi Gas Chambers.  The HR was ready to publish the libelous 'gas chamber' smear until GA exposed the scandal.

Well, something went seriously wrong with Beth Mason's plot... which is why her screams rang through City Hall on Friday.

Can you guess what it was?

Presumably Mason had gone through the Agenda and Resolution package City Councilpersons are issued  Fridays prior to their meeting and noticed something missing....

Her libel-ridden Ravi-attack resolution was NOT on the meeting agenda!

Witnesses say the furious Councilwoman stormed over to Corporation Counsel Melissa Longo's office but (fortunately for Longo) she was out.  Thus Mason unleashed her snotty vitriol on some other poor schnook.  GA hears it was the assistant BA.   What the heck did he do?

(I  know... on Upstairs Downstairs Madame berates the butler for the cook's missing entree.)

Well, it sure looks to GA like another Beth Mason uber-nasty effort to destroy a person's reputation and LIVELIHOOD to suit a political agenda while placing the CITY at risk for litigation  has been FOILED!

Can Mason and her dopey operatives do anything right?  (No.)

GA was told about the FOLLY of smearing the highly-respected, powerful firm of Florio Perucci for a cheap political stunt.  This is a very, very dangerous game for all involved.  Ravi Bhalla is not one to suffer attacks on his reputation and integrity.

GA looks forward to the details around this smear campaign on Bhalla.

And the consequences to elected officials who abuse the public trust on cheap political games for which WE the PEOPLE foot the bill.


  1. Mason's attempt at orchestrating a character assassination by including Bhalla's employer in the mix creates collateral damage for her husband who funds all her bizarre antics. The attorney's at Bhalla's firm now know that a lawyer at Wachtel Lipton has bankrolled an assault on one of their own. Not a smart move, but the Masons' are so politically tone-deaf it's no surprise. Desperate people do desperate things. CRAZY desperate people do even crazier, desperate things. Three weeks left - we can expect more of same.

    1. A memo on this Beth Mason resolution from City Council President is up on MSV today:

  2. In all fairness Mrs. Richard Mason does not do cheap political stunts. They are all quite expensive.

    It is insulting to expect anything cheap from the Masons of Upper Hudson Street.

    You bitter little people just do not respect people who have enough money to be above your petty moral and ethical rules.

  3. As a voluntary condition of Ravi's partnership, his new firm decided to forego doing any new business in Hoboken. Hardly a quid pro quo.

  4. Florio Perrucci vs. Wachtell Lipton - in $25 million dollar lawsuit! I'd love that!!

    Or Florio Perrucci vs. the Mason Family for $30 million. Even better!

    1. Can I throw in as a Plaintiff in a SLAPP-back?

    2. What I don’t get is who came up with this dumb strategy – this seems to be just another stupid pet trick from the Cryan/Amanda/Barracato dream team of floperatives that brought us the Manning letter. What is in it for Beth or Poopie to attack the former governor’s firm? Is it to try and get them to bounce Ravi after he just arrived? For starters, that isn’t going to happen. And if anyone knows about law firms, in 2013 you eat what you kill, meaning you have to bring business to the table. Florio Perucci voluntarily gave up business from Hoboken to bring Ravi on board, so they must think he has some legal skills and talents that will make up for the loss fo the work. BTW, since pay to play was enacted several years ago, the bag carrier law firms have faded away. What’s left are those firm hat are willing to do municipal work (which comes with a reduced hourly rate and late hours) and those that won’t. It really is simple, if a firm represents a municipality, then it can’t do ANY work in that municipality with regard to any type of approvals or interaction with the government, even if it is front of another Board or agency. Not every firm is willing to do so, given the restrictions on more profitable private sector work, meaning that the pool of talent of good municipal law firms is not that big. Apparently, from what I understand (asked my attorney), Florio Perucci is one of the better shops that does municipal work. Good for them. So why are Perry B and Beth (in the name of Frank) talking on a politically savvy firm that does municipal work across the state? It seems stupid, unless they are so desperate to get the swing seat (along with Beth’s blind hatred of all things Ravi) that they think this junk is fine (see Manning letter, Nazi truck, etc.) One could write a book about the unmitigated gall it takes for Perry Plan B to lecture ANYONE about ethics. Perry, why did you lose your bar? Huh? He should not be let within .25 miles of City Hall in any official capacity. With Betty Boopless, I think everyone has come to expect this kind of crazy. And mean meshuga crazy that needs medical attention and medication. I am not sure why Betty thinks that it is okay for her to engage in a piss fight with Florio Percucci when her husband is a partner at Wachtel. If it was over something that really mattered (a $100 fine which is less than most speeding tickets, and waived by DCA is no moral equivalency to trying to bankrupt the City and saddle with 52M in debt by opposing the sale fo the hospital, for starters).

    3. One of the better quotes from Perry Plan B:

      "As Peter took the oath of office, I had this sinking feeling that I didn't have a Plan B," said Hoboken native Perry Belfiore. "For a while now I've felt that I was about to surrender to someone who was not born and raised. That turned out to be Peter. I felt comfortable. But now it's a South African situation where the disorganized majority will be ruled by an organized minority."


      But his all- time best was when he posted proudly about going on safari in the HHA for votes. He was so effing clueless that someone had to explain to him why the comment was so offensive.

      What I also don’t get is where do they think the numbers are coming from to let Poopie knock off Ravi? Or any of the three? As Al Sullivan pointed out, the people that vote for Zimmer do a straight ticket vote, and don’t split off. Poopie has a core base (which is lessened by the Ramos war) and I can’t’ see anything that he has done to effectively get anyone that supports the mayor to spilt their ticker votes. If anything, he actually turned them off with his stupid pet tricks. This latest effort has all the signs of another epic fail. The 20k people that have moved into Hoboken are not stupid or really low information voters, for the most part (read the census data) are educated and can actually see though stupid pet tricks. Timmy’s efforts to troll the bars for voters is hysterical as most of the denizens are out of towners. So, again, where are these magical votes coming from. Perhaps he is relying on the “vote early and often” call to arms from the old days.

    4. One of my fave Perry Belfiore lines in front of the City Council is when he said, With all due respect actually means F--- YOU !

      Perry, with all due respect .

  5. Add to it the fact that Ravi is actually the middle line on the Reform ticket for council, so you actually have to take time to think to vote against him.

    The point I am waiting for is in the middle of a discussion about the divisive speech in blogs, Timmy and Ruben are questioned about their letters to the editor and ad space on the cyber sewer that is Hoboken411. Given the Liebler Elf's cartoons and significant WELL KNOWN falsehoods posted over the years without corrections, retractions or apology, as well as legal judgments against the site, why do they believe reform bloggers are a problem...other than the fact that read them.

    1. I think that all this chatter about Timmy being within striking distance and having a real shot at Ravi is all hat and no cattle. Remember, it is that little fish chum that is running point - He seems to be poised to make the same gigantic mistake made in 2009 with Betty Boopless and blowing smoke up her ass (and now Frank's) that she had the race in the bag. It seems that he is doing the same thing here, and all the while he is taking enough money from the clueless Betty that he purchased himself a cozy little dive bar. Has she or RIcky ever figured out what in the hell he has actually achieved for them, except to make them the laughing stock of Hudson County (and around the state) - heard their trip spreading checks this past summer was a big but expensive bust. No state chairwoman for her in sight.

    2. At one point Ricky was able to insulate himself from his wife's well deserved toxic reputation.

      That insulation has crumbled into powder and people who used to say Beth is insane but Ricky is OK now understand that he paid for and shares Beth's toxicity.

    3. I wonder if Medicated Beth will show up for the CC meeting?

  6. Recall Beth Mason.

    1. If I recall Beth Mason isn't she that short, mean-spirited, unatractive, emotionally unstable woman who lives a mansion on Hudson Street in a fantasy world her rich husband created.

  7. I don't know... Matt said it was genius

  8. Richard Mason partner at Wachtell Lipton Rosen and Katz lets his wife libel a partner at political powerhouse Floro Perruci! Florio will hit back.

    Then the Masons are finished in politics forever. Finished. Ricky Mason? We'll be reading all about how he let his idiot wife attack the former NJ gov's law firm in Above The Law. Just like Tim got famous for his idiot letter, Ricky Mason will be famous for his idiot wife's resoution. Can't wait.

    Being ridiculed nationwide twice in one campaign is quite an accomplishment. Send your thank yous to mastermind of these political disasters, the guy with his hand in Masons wallet.

    The guy who helps himself to extras. He spread some around. Mason found out so he blamed Bertoli. When the Masons catch on to who's ripping them off he's done.

  9. GA, all of your grafix are great but this one of balling beth has to be my favorite. it's just so classic. and the hair is perfect.

  10. I heard a story, don't know if its true, that Ricky Mason himself interfered in the Hospital deal asking a lawyer fiend who represented the creditors "how much they [the creditors] wanted to permit the sale to go forward. At the time the Mayor had not agreed to pay anything and was trying to bring the number down significantly from the creditors asking price of at least $5 million. Mason said that his wife could deliver the $5 million but needed to talk to the mayor to find out "what she could get in return."

    This made it impossible for the mayor to negotiate the amount below $5 million, essentially forcing her to agree to that price. Mason then voted down the payment she herself had effectively forced the mayor to agree to because she was unsuccessful in extracting whatever price she wanted for her support.

    I have no idea whether this story is true but I heard it from a usually reliable source.

  11. Wachtell is one of the most profitable large law firms in the country. Florio Perruci is not anywhere near that prestigious. Wachtell will protect its partner's name just to protect the firm, so don't count your chickens on how a libel suit would end.

    However, maybe the end result will be goodbye to Ricky. . .

    1. You mean they would can him? But wouldn't that be an admission of sorts?


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