Mason Buys Ad on Monday Night Football

(Oh, and don't forget Frank Raia!  It's his ad, too.)

But let's face it, just like Beth Mason has co-opted The Hoboken Reporter (weaponized it to attack foes), she's co-opted the One Hoboken campaign.

Sources tell GA that Mason and Raia have purchased a 30-second spot to air on tonight's Monday Night Football on ESPN costing a whopping $150,000.  In other words, Ricky Mason's lunch money.

The ad reportedly goes after Ruben Ramos, but who are we kidding?  Today was the launch of Mason's bat-shit craziest ad to-date; a reckless, mad dog attack on Ravi Bhalla.

GA's heart goes out to his lovely wife and 2 children, his brother and parents, who have to watch this crazy woman slander their son in such a public way.  This kind of attack transcends any 'normal' political discourse.

Here is what my favorite new blog, Hangin on the Vine said about where Beth Mason is taking Hoboken political discourse:

The Hoboken mayor and council race has gotten so dirty that it gives the phrase “dirty campaigns” a good name.

Chief architects of the new low in political filth are the Ramos and Occhipinti campaigns, aided by Councilwoman Beth Mason and her millions, minions and myopia. For some reason, they just can’t find a legitimate line of attack against the incumbent administration of Mayor Dawn Zimmer that makes sense and would be appealing to the voters. There are some legitimate issues, but they just can’t be bothered.

They’ve tried to butcher Ravi Bhalla, have their sights now set on Councilwoman Jen Giattino and have proven that they do not know the difference between a negative campaign and a dirty one. Negative campaigns result in their share of victories, dirty ones rarely. All they are doing is increasing the margin of victory for the Zimmer team.
This guy/gal has been around the block.   If only there were a debate on legitimate issues.  But when your opponents are not interested in issues, not bright but aiming to milk the public teat- AND are plyed with cash from a hateful megalomaniac, THIS is the kind of campaign you get.

Let me know what airs tonight.  GA doesn't watch football. Boooor-ing.


  1. hope you are joking about the cost of that - not in 100 years would 30 seconds on MNF cost that much. And they would be a local ad, not a national / regional one.

    1. Not joking. I heard $150k. If you have info on MNF ad rates, shoot it over:

      Yes, of course it's airing locally.

      I didn't get details. Maybe the buy included more airings.

      Of course if the source is correct. But Mason is nutty enough to take her poison to the NFL.

    2. Looks like everybody is ripping off Raia and Mason these days. Might as well get the money while you can.

    3. The people selling those ads work on commission. I wouldn't be surprised if they upsold the bitch to a national spot.

    4. So Mason and Pupie got ripped off by their crew for $150K. No wonder they all sniff around her like a pack of mongrels. Baracatos got his hand in her pocket.

  2. Football is only boring if you don't understand it. The strategy and nuance involved is actually pretty amazing to behold.

    1. Did I say I understood it? My skull is impervious to the rules though guys have tried. Is that sexist? I know many women enjoy the sport, too.

      Football is just not my thing. But I love apple pie.


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