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Clockwise from top-left: James Barracato, Hudson Reporter cover-October 27, 2013, 'Ethics Violations' series, Perry Klaussen- Hoboken411 owner, The Hudson Reporter Publishers Dave Unger and Lucha Malato, Richard G. Mason

A BOMBSHELL rocked Hoboken's political world this morning.  Shortly before 9:00 AM, Councilman and At-Large Council candidate Ravi Bhalla announced:
While I remain focused on this election, please rest assured that after the election is over, I intend to file a defamation lawsuit against Ms. Mason to protect my reputation as a proud member of the Hoboken community. 
Note that prior to today's announcement, on October 28, Beth Mason was served with a "Cease and Desist" letter.  GA heard some talk about the letter, that the subject was "Defamation of Ravinder Bhalla by Beth Mason and others".  

 WHO are these "others"?

GA also heard the "Cease and Desist" letter said that Mason, YouTube, Hoboken411 and any other entity in which defamatory material was published is liable to Bhalla for damages.  There it is again- "any other entity". And that Bhalla has been harmed by Beth Mason's repeated publication and re-publication of defamatory material. 

Many questions arise.  

GA wants to know how a political campaign veered off into a media juggernaut to destroy Ravi's character, reputation and private sector employment?   

Mason has fought her filthy war on Bhalla on several fronts, relying heavily on print and electronic media including email and video, anonymous online postings (Patch's "Ravi Ravioli"), and the Old Guard echo chamber in the City Council.

Discovery will unmask the identity of Ravi Ravioli

But one woman does not a war make.  This war was fought with many hands. Many players surround the central figure, Beth Mason.  What their role was- if they had one, or if they have any liability for the damage done to Bhalla is unknown.  

GA offers no opinion about whether the following individuals were accessories in the defamation of Bhalla.  They ARE behind-the-scenes 'players': political operatives, they take her money for print advertising space or support her.


James 'Finboy' Barracato: Beth Mason's chief political operative, political strategist and all-around proxy for Beth Mason.   Sources say that if you want Mason, you have to go through Finboy first.  You will find his name on internal City Council emails instead of Mason's- he appears to receive her email- does he send it (from her account) too?    Barracato was caught red-handed trying to plant a story in The Hoboken Reporter accusing GA of writing a story about 'Nazi gas chambers'- he left his electronic fingerprints on a doctored screen-cap of a Grafix Avenger post called "Nurse Kevorkian to Meet and Greet Victims"

In spite of his proclivity to screw up and lose campaigns (the Move Forward campaign Nazi Truck and midnight flyer attack on GA), Mason continues to employ him.   Sources tell GA that he is the architect of the 'Get-Ravi' strategy.  He is believed to be a vile anonymous blogger who uses a strange iteration of Ravi's name and frequently refers to his 'towel'. (Bhalla, a Sikh, wears a turban)  Finally, he has for YEARS had access and influence on The Hoboken Reporter, from the bottom to the top, as a proxy for the formidable Mason checkbook.

The Hoboken Reporter:  GA observes that Beth Mason's weekly page 3 ads started appearing on or about April 2012, coincidentally when Finboy tried to plant the 'Nazi Bloggers' story in the HR and the Lane Bajardi and Kim Cardinal Bajardi lawsuit hit a few months later.  The HR has recently done a series of articles repeating Mason attacks on Bhalla as though timely and "news" and last week's gratuitous and unnecessary PRE-ELECTION article about Ravi Bhalla "defending his integrity".

The Hoboken Reporter fails to understand that there would be no CAUSE for Bhalla to "defend his integerity" if  the HR did not avail itself to publish Beth Mason's campaign of lies and defamation.  This is THEIR "scandal"-- manufactured by Beth Mason and/or her political operatives.  Simple due diligence would have stopped it from potentially damaging Bhalla by it's publication and framing as an "ethics" controversy.

The Hoboken Reporter continues to show that it has been thoroughly co-opted  by Beth Mason.

GA has many issues with this week's article about asking Zimmer "hard questions".  My  name was printed  SIX TIMES in reference to the Lane Bajardi and Kim Cardinal Bajardi law suit.  Yet, they the Plaintiffs, were NEVER named.  No, they are simply a "Hoboken couple"- not the seasoned political operatives revealed in my 148 exhibits, all online.  One of my statements which Plaintiffs complain about the HR calls my "unproven allegations".  When did the Hoboken Reporter start taking dictation from James Barracato?  What kind of journalism is this?  Where a Defendant is named SIX times and the person making charges, claiming injury to the tune of $2M is NOT NAMED?   The Plaintiffs INITIATED the lawsuit, they must PROVE their damages, not ME.  The HR has it backwards- on purpose. Their slant couldn't be more obvious.

From now on, shall we call the paper The Mason Reporter?

Hoboken411: The most outrageous, defamatory material appears on this Mason-tabloid in an article called "Ravi Bhalla Ethics Violations" on or about October 13, 2013.  GA can guess Perry Klaussen will be hearing from Ravi Bhalla's lawyer.  Not surprising from a guy who published this:  "Two years ago, Bhalla defended Zoning Board member Pincus’ right to say that she wanted to shoot down the front doors to people’s homes."  I never said that, Asshole. 

Richard G Mason: GA is told that a law partner at Wachtell certainly keeps late hours and does not have a lot of time to micro-manage what his wife does.  But what does he know about the ebb and flow of money to consultants, political operatives, publishers, web site proprietors, videographers, video production crew, etc?  Will this money will be claimed on Occhipinti's ELEC? How or where will it be reported?
GA believes a vigorous Discovery will retrieve skeletons from Beth Mason's closet and expose those who've assisted her defamation of Bhalla and others in Hoboken.

Godspeed, Ravi.


  1. the hoboken reporter is some scumbag operation. I hope ravi sues them too.

  2. I would imagine that the Mason Reporter will be implicated through the Discovery process in the litigation.

  3. The Hoboken Reporter was created by developer Joe Barry for one reason- to promote corrupt politicians that would pass laws that would enrich his firm while at the same time preventing honest politicians from winning seats. While it was owned directly by Barry, he at least had to pretend to be non-bias, but once he turned it over, I guess it was decided the paper could dispense without the hypocrisy. Look at Ruben's political career, why is he so supported by the HR paper? Oh, yes, he supported the developer Barry over the Applied tenants who were Puerto-Rican in origin like himself in 2001, when Barry got rid of 70% of the affordable housing in Applied.

    1. We should not forget that Joe Barry went to prison for giving money to politicians for favors. We know what Joe Barry got caught doing but questions on what else are ligit.


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