Manning Letter Hits The Jersey Journal

Oh, dear.

This article popped up around 8PM last night under the headline "Sport and politics collide when Hoboken mayoral candidate picks fight with Eli Manning."

Overnight, the paper changed it to the pithy and eye-catching:

Hoboken mayoral challenger disses Eli Manning for supporting Dawn Zimmer's re-election

GA agrees, the second title is more of an attention-grabber. I wonder if this is in today's print edition.

In any case, the delayed appearance of this suggests this story has 'legs' and is poised to go national.  When a political candidate attacks a hometown sports hero, well... 

Now, if I had anything to do with that campaign, I'd bite the bullet and re-direct the narrative with a press conference or even a second letter apologizing for the first one.  Eat a little crow then move on instead of allowing it to fester and spread. That's me.

But who listens to me?


  1. The unintentional consequences of the letter is two fold it makes more people aware of the Manning event for Zimmer and negatively frames the entire One Hoboken campaign.

    1. We're doing a follow-up right now. The letter has made me famous! Behind the scenes I've been working diligently with Jamie, Brit and FinBoy to get out another one so we can get the national attention we deserve.

      Look I even changed my Facebook page back to public (except for the 200 plus photos of my girls with that tagline hidden from the Rolling Stones Some Girls album.)

      This is a win. I'm becoming a national celebrity. I'm going to be be on TV next. Beth said Timmy will get me another raise and a gig on her new show. It's so exciting!

      "Some girls they're so pure Some girls so corrupt" - guess which one am I

    2. I agree. Letting it fester is stupid, a confident campaign would make lemonade from lemons.

    3. Game Odds - Don't bet on the Giants - Bet on Zimmer, Booker and Christie............Raia may be a wildcard! Have a good one!

    4. this was a massive fail for the people behind the campaign communications strategy over at Tim's house of comedy.

    5. Biggest mistake is Tim running for Mayor - period!

  2. Nothing like making Occhipinti look bad in yet another publication.


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